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Understand how to build a flexible and resilient enterprise.

We help you challenge ideas and learn the science behind organizational change. We give you the tools to expand your career opportunities and connect with the best leaders and professionals in the industry to share new approaches. Our courses use cutting-edge technology to ensure you feel like you’re in the classroom.

We are a private global learning and innovation organization that offers new approaches to help communities tackle the world’s biggest challenges to build a better future.

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Our workshops and courses are based on the neuroscience of changepsychology, empirical data, personal experience, and new organizational concepts and theories. All of our certified trainers around the world have extensive experience in business transformation and are ready to help you acquire new knowledge so you can solve your most difficult situations. We also work with clients to apply the frameworks, practices and models developed to make organizations more agile and resilient.


We can apply our principles and practices throughout the organization, regardless of size. This includes going beyond the IT department.

We provide students with actionable knowledge that they can use to find specific areas across the organization where new operating models can unlock value.


We understand that as the context changes, people need to be able to find simpler and more innovative habits that allow them to better connect with each other, with customers, and with strategic partners.


We believe that organizations must be able to experiment and leverage what we call a powerful strategy if they are to deliver results even in times of great turbulence.


The support of new theories from the best-selling Leading Exponential Change is is your advantage. This offers a unique approach that provides an efficient and scalable backbone throughout our courses.

For many years, consumer obsession has been the organizational drive to identify customer needs and respond quickly. We know that a good degree of organizational agility depends almost entirely on the ability of its employees to assess and respond to the customer’s situation and adapt to these new situations with minimal emotional distress.

Some companies are already focusing their IT talents on trying to meet customer needs using Scrum, Safe, Less, etc. Unfortunately, they find it difficult to spread these ideas outside of IT teams.

We believe that enterprise agility goes beyond agile and Scrum. That’s why in our workshops we give participants a set of tools to help them assess how they can impact teams with cognitively diverse people. 

We also provide cutting-edge techniques and practices to empower employees to make better decisions when facing accelerated change. They also help teams and strategic partners feel comfortable and collaborate in new scenarios to gain a competitive advantage.

Become a Certified Change Consultant

After completing the first course (Foundations) and passing the exam, the student will receive the certificate Certified Change Consultant (CCC). We believe that at this point the professional has valuable tools to be part of a transformation team.

After completing the second course (modeling) and passing the exam, the participant receives the certificate Certified Enterprise Change Consultant (CECC). This second certification is already intended for change agents who need to lead a business transformation in an organization.

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Enterprise Agility

Our training builds on tools that provide change professionals with tools and frameworks to help teams identify their blind spots and mental biases. This enables them to influence behaviors and apply the new skills to create awareness and support business strategy.

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