Enterprise Agility
World Conference

FRIDAY, November 12, 2021
Hurry up if you want to apply!
Talks can be done in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
Las charlas pueden ser realizadas en Ingles, Espanol o Portugues
As palestras podem ser conduzidas em inglês, espanhol ou português

The Enterprise Agility World Conference is a world-class event that combines organizational change with science. 

For many years, organizational change events have focused on frameworks or classic Agile. We believe that the future of business also requires a scientific understanding of how to help people embrace exponential changes in the marketplace, empower leaders with new knowledge to align businesses in record time, and help change agents facilitate people to innovate and incorporate new ways of thinking with low levels of resistance.

Hours to interact with other professionals
Presenters from around the World
People expected

The Enterprise Agility World Conference is the world’s first and only event that connects science with organizational change. Our goal is to help people understand the science behind it, and scientists get closer to the new practices and practitioners of Enterprise Agility.

Our event features presentations in English, Spanish and Portuguese. It is supported by the world-class infrastructure of Welo Space to enable the reconstruction of the social environment of the Enterprise Agility University in a virtual environment. 

We cover different time zones, from Buenos Aires to Hong Kong, from New York to India, and from Indonesia to New Zealand, to ensure that professionals can be part of the enterprise agility revolution.

For the Conference

We invite the worldwide community of organizational psychologists, neuroscientists, organizational psychiatrists, change agents, change consultants, human resource consultants, leaders and others to submit their proposals and papers by July 20, and be ready to present them on Friday, November 12, 2021.

There are 4 topics available:

1. Neuroscience Applied to Organizational Change

3. Strategic Management and Innovation

2. Organizational Behaviours and Enterprise Agility

4. Organizational Structure and Design for Exponential growth

Not all lectures will be given by scientists, so we also have space for consultants or anyone who is in an organization trying to influence change.
If you are one of them, we recommend that you take into account the following recommendations, which will allow you to have more chances that your paper will be selected:

  1. Go for innovative ideas or frameworks. There are already several conferences on classic agility, and providing new perspectives will give you a better chance for your talk to be selected.
  2. Do a little research before applying to present your talk. Find out if the topic you are going to talk about is supported by any scientific theory (social, psychological, etc). If so, mention that information in the description of your talk.

This will give you a better chance to have your presentation chosen. Good luck!