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Where Science Meets Organizational Change

Our organization was born as a private global initiative to help companies move beyond Agile and Scrum. Enterprise Agility University™ is in the process of being registered in the United States with temporary registration number 90562033.

Everything started more than a decade ago, when Erich R. Bühler saw the need for new theories and practices to take companies to the next level. 

Our value is in bringing science and organizational change together to create new theories and actionable tools. We are proud to provide education to empower companies and societies around the world to help them evolve.

Our mission is to help professionals keep up with the demands of an increasingly complex world that depends on technologies, products, and individuals that must adapt to exponential change of markets.

Our mission is also to support positive change in society. We seek and create opportunities to actively fund and support initiatives with a high commitment to change society to build a better world. That is why among our initiatives is the Agile Diversity Index. The first and largest global study on diversity in companies with agile ways of working or thinking.

Our commitment goes beyond our company, as we make the data freely available so that different groups can be empowered for change.

We are constantly working on developing new theories, principles, techniques to help people and organizations be more resilient and flexible.

We believe we have the most advanced courses on the planet to influence change, and we offer a certification that makes a difference.

We encourage communities to participate, take ownership, and help with the design of new approaches. 

We base everything we do on the following values:

We teach to empower and learn

Every time we teach, we also learn to be a better version of ourselves. We deliberately shift the focus away from ourselves and focus on empowering people with knowledge. Power does not derive from having a lot of knowledge, but from being able to spread it.

We breathe and practice humility

Humility is one of the most powerful and important attributes of growth. Being humble helps build confidence and facilitates learning from others and oneself. These are key aspects of leadership and personal development. So we pay special attention to supporting the community with humility.

We innovate with empiricism

We always go the extra mile to know and provide people with the science that supports what we teach. Maybe it’s the neuroscience of change, maybe it’s psychology, but there is always scientific support for our ideas. Understanding why things happen is a good step towards evolving and expanding ideas.

We are diversity

We support the community by considering, at every step, specific actions to empower ideas. Diversity of thought is crucial for feedback, broadening the ideas of others and evolving society. 

Erich R. Bühler

Founder and Director of the Enterprise Agility University
Author of the best-selling book on
 Enterprise Agility Leading Exponential Change


We are proud to get support from:

Iskra Marin
Sociologist. Researcher and University professor in methodologies applied to management. Specialist in knowledge production and university management

José Zeballos
Expert in scaling Software initiatives in Banks and large organizations with more than 30 years of experience in many countries

Lara Brown
Specialist in diversity and inclusion in complex organizations, mainly in the Asia.

Agustin Varela
Strategist Director for Latin America.
Extensive experience in education, agility, and global positioning in Latin America.