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What is the Arrow Model?

The Arrow Diversity  Model is a community-open framework for increasing and maintaining high levels of equality, diversity, and neurodiversity in organizations facing high uncertainty and exponential change.
Science confirms that companies with these three pillars have higher levels of innovation, business value delivered to their customers, talent retention, employee wellbeing and more.

The Arrow Diversity  Model combines the benefits of equity, diversity, and neurodiversity with new practices and techniques, to increase company-specific outcomes. These outcomes can be measured and improved, and extrapolated with other indicators, such as financial, innovation, business value, and more.

The foundations of the Arrow model are based on the new theories and practices developed for Enterprise Agility by Enterprise Agility University.

Six benefits of the Arrow Model

Here are some of the benefits of Arrow:

  1. Leaders get a clear model for diversity and connect it with outcomes that support business growth.
  2. Change consultants, HR or People and others have a powerful framework to empower people in the organization.
  3. It enables the transition from Agile or Business Agility to Enterprise Agility and helps facing high uncertainty while actively promoting diversity.
  4. Enable the building people and organizations that are always ready, always responsive, and always innovative

  5. Provides a solid scientific foundation to understand the impact of the 3 pillars

  6. It is an open model that can be used by anyone in the world to strengthen their organization.

We will soon offer you the Arrow Neurodiversity Metric for free, with which you can measure the neurodiversity in your teams.

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