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What is the Arrow Model?

The Arrow Model is a powerful tool that helps organizations increase and maintain high levels of diversity and neurodiversity in order to improve outcomes such as innovation, customer value, talent retention, and employee wellbeing. This model combines the benefits of diversity and neurodiversity with new practices and techniques to achieve these improvements. The foundations of the Arrow Model are based on theories and practices developed for Enterprise Agility, and it can be used to facilitate the transition from Agile or Business Agility to Enterprise Agility while actively promoting diversity. 

Six benefits of the Arrow Model

Some benefits of the Arrow Model include:

  1. Provide leaders with a clear model for diversity and connecting it with outcomes that support business growth.
  2. Empower change consultants, HR professionals, and others to bring new tools to people in the organization.
  3. Enable the transition from Agile or Business Agility to Enterprise Agility and help organizations face high uncertainty while promoting diversity and Neurodiversity.
  4. Build people and organizations that are always ready, always responsive, and always innovative.
  5. Offer a solid scientific foundation for understanding the impact of diversity and neurodiversity.
  6. Is open to anyone in the world to use and strengthen their organization.

To learn more about measuring neurodiversity, you can watch the video on NeuroXprofiles at the bottom of the page.

This is our definition for Neurodiversity: diversity of human minds and the way people think, focus, learn, process and link information, as well as their distinctive way of connecting with the world. (We recognize that each person is unique and that these differences offer distinct and valuable neurocapabilities or superpowers for the development of society and the business world, EAU)

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What are NeuroXprofiles?

Neuro Exponential Profiles (NEP) is a tool that helps organizations understand the unique patterns of behavior and cognitive processing styles, or “neuro profiles,” of individuals and groups. These patterns, or “superpowers,” influence how individuals and groups respond to accelerated change and challenges, and can be used by organizations to increase their flexibility and resilience in the face of high uncertainty and rapid change. The goal of NEP is to help companies identify and leverage these unique patterns to reduce stress on people and improve the value they provide to the organization over time.

NeuroXprofiles (English)
NeuroXprofiles (Spanish)