Mental Agility – the Foundation for Every Change in the Organization

Mental Agility–the Foundation for Every Change in the Organization INTERVIEW TO ERICH R. BÜHLER BY RENATA  PUSZKIEL, PMI Strefa Magazine  You have been accompanying various organizations across the globe during thetransformations towards business agility.What do you find so exciting about thechange that you decided to choose sucha career?Let me go back in time… my first […]

Organizational Psychology

Lets talk about organizational psychology BY: Merih Arikkök ARTICLE  If you are an organizational coach, you should’t miss this extremelly insightful article The purpose of this essay is to explore what organizational psychology is, where it takes it roots from, how it evolved and where it is going. It does not contain all subject areas […]

Dealing with Psychopaths and Narcissists during Agile Change

ARTICLE Dealing with Psychopaths and Narcissists during Agile Change  ARTICLE BY: ERICH R. BÜHLER  Key Takeaways Psychopathic or narcissistic toxic employees can slow down the adoption of change Psychopaths don’t have emotions like you; most of the feelings you see on these people are simulated to manipulate you and those around you Change consultants need […]

Untangling Agile Government: On the Dual Necessities of Structure and Agility

ANALYSIS Untangling Agile Government On the Dual Necessities of Structure and Agility BY: Keegan Mcbride, Maximilian Kupi, Joanna J Bryson Agility has become a common term when it comes to today’s discourse on digitalization and government transformation. There is a widely held view that governmental bureaucracy with its laws, regulations, institutions, and ‘red tape’ is […]

Psychological Factors for Organizational Health​

RESEARCH Psychological Factors for Organizational Health By: Javeria BaigNg, Ng Kim-Soon, Naima Andleeb (Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development 10) Psychological contract violation has been considered a phenomenon which incorporates a wide range of behavioral responses. This study examined psychological contract violation and organizational cynicism relationship that takes a systematic view in which […]

Managing decisions, risks and action within the Scrum framework

RESEARCH By: Alina Elena Radut, Maria Denisa Toma, Elisabeth Lazarou This article holds information about the structure of managing the decisions, risks, action within the Scrum framework. All the processes, roles, events, benefits and challenges are described in order to give the reader an open view over this method of organizational change.  Although the information found […]

Resistance to Change in Companies

RESEARCH Resistance to Change in Companies By: Michael Eydman  This article is about a program aimed at fostering an agile mindset in youngThis paper analyzes the human behavioral concept of resistance to change. This resistance often creates a roadblock in a team and organizational settings. The paper looks at psychological behavioral reasons for this and various […]