Beyond Organizational Change Ep 04

We are very excited to share a new episode of Beyond Organizational Change today! The podcast for change practitioners around the world who are helping to transform people in organizations and beyond.

What do you know about creating a corporate culture that can adapt to the new reality, people, and market changes? What kind of leadership is required for this?
We talk about these questions and many more with our special guest Dr. Stefanie Puckett, Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach, PMI Certified Practitioner, ICP-ACC Agile Coach, and author of The Agile Culture (among others).
We talk about how to adapt culture to the new reality, the type of leadership required, the principles needed, and how to build remarkable organizations.
This episode also features co-hosts Monica Acosta from Mexico, innovator, change consultant, and coach, and Simon Reindl from the UK, Professional Scrum Trainer, Change Consultant, and co-author of Mastering Professional Scrum.
Another unmissable episode for Change Practitioners!

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Episode in Spanish coming soon!