Beyond Organizational Change Ep 05 (Special Edition on Innovation)

We are very excited to share a new episode of Beyond Organizational Change today! The podcast for change practitioners around the world who are helping to evolve people in organizations and beyond.

Creating innovation can be challenging for organizations. Should larger organizations behave like startups? What’re the cultural challenges?
How is it possible to transform a more traditional company and put it on the path to innovation?

In this episode, our guest from Berlin specialized in strategic innovation, Sebastian T. Vetter (Ph.D.), reveals many of the secrets to helping companies find a sustainable and strategic pace of innovation.

Our co-hosts in this episode are Mónica Acosta from Mexico, innovator, change consultant, and coach, and Marween El Kharbili (Ph.D.) from Duesseldorf. He is a Lean, Agile, and strategy consultant.

In this episode, we also asked Monica to join us, even though she was on vacation somewhere in the Caribbean! Can you hear the birds?

Another unmissable episode for Change Practitioners!

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Episode in Spanish coming soon!