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Mature Organizations Need Mature People​

How can you really implement Agile, Teal, Holacracy or any other new framework?

For such a mature organization you need mature people. People who’re able to lead themselves, who’re able to fulfill their role without a line manager telling them what to do. The point is that our education system rarely prepares people to do that. It prepares them to execute and try to become a manager to give orders to others – it’s come full circle…

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Agile vs. Business Agility vs. Enterprise Agility

Leadership in Latin America exhibits certain patterns that make organizational change a particularly difficult, but not impossible, challenge. If leadership levels in the region understood the weaknesses of their idiosyncrasies and leadership characteristics, they could adapt their strategies for organizational change to work more effectively and practically…

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One Ring to Align the Whole Company

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to guide many teams in adopting agile methodologies, especially in companies that had started their transformation some time ago and had achieved results atn the IT departments. What they were looking for was to take agile beyond the IT boundary…

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