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Thank you for your interest in becoming an Enterprise Agility University Partner. I also want to thank you for taking the time to read our proposal. Enterprise Agility University is a global pioneer in  organizational change and Science based in San Francisco (CA), and we are the home of the Enterprise Agility World Conference.

Our courses are based on organizational psychology, the latest advances in neuroscience, new theories, and frameworks for building agile and resilient organizations. Our global Certified Partners include people from Scrum Alliance, Scrum Inc, Scrum Org., ICAgile, SAFe, Executive Leadership Trainers, etc.

Our training supports all existing business frameworks in the market, enabling you to provide your clients with the latest research and theories, and most importantly, actionable frameworks toa chieve more in less time in a sustainable way.

We are the only company in the world that offers unique theories and frameworks that fit different types of organizations, from traditional to agile. Our proposals accelerate business transformation and create organizations with more resilient people, processes and tools.

We also offer our Certified Training Partners the opportunity to consult and coach with our tools and frameworks, as well as sell and teach our courses.

Take a look at our Certified Change Consultant course here or learn how the M-Leadership Framework is transforming the way organizations around the world work.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about alternatives that fit your specific case, contact Roi Shahaf and he will be happy to set up an appointment to learn more about strengthening your brand, or contact us via Whatsapp at  +1 415 961 0731

Boost your Career by Becoming a Certified Training Partner

Stand out from the crowd with unique tools, practices, thinking and research at Enterprise Agility. Dominate your markets with exceptional tools that enable organizations to reduce resistance to change and build flexible and resilient businesses. Help learners around the world transition from Agile to Enterprise Agility, from classic practices to advanced concepts, and from teams to the entire organization.

We ensure our Certified Training Partners are the world’s best practitioners in Enterprise Agility, we help them strengthen their brands with our Business-in-a-Box licenses, and we offer (optionally) our Business Accelerator Program to help you stand out from the crowd.

We specialize in Enterprise Agility and the science behind it. In short, our courses are about change management or influencing change in the age of enterprise agility. From our perspective, there are 3 things that Agile or Business Agility do not answer, at least not directly:

1. how to realign a business in record time when a market disruption occurs.

2. The science of the brain and the impact of different types of change.

3. How to build a sustainable, flexible and resilient organization in times of disruption.

Our Enterprise Agility models enable you to accelerate organizational change and build resilient organizations that have high levels of adaptability, the right kind of leadership, and the capacity for sustained innovation.

Our offering is designed to strengthen your brand.

We Based Everything We Do On Values

Our business model is simple to understand and we call it Business-in-a-Box because it provides all the tools, knowledge and skills to grow your business in times of great uncertainty. Our Certified Training Parners licenses include the:

Knowledge without values is like a map without cardinal points, and is the key to our success.

We know that following values is sometimes challenging for businesses, but we encourage you to use them as part of our interactions with customers.

We teach to empower and learn

Every time we teach we also learn to be a better version of ourselves. We deliberately shift the focus away from ourselves and focus on empowering people with knowledge. Power does not derive from having a lot of knowledge but from being able to spread it.


We breathe and practice humility

Humility is, one of the most powerful and important qualities of growth. Being humble helps build trust and facilitates learning from others and from yourself. These are key aspects of leadership and personal development. Therefore, we take special care to support the community with humility.


We innovate with empiricism

We always go the extra mile to know and provide people with the science that supports what we teach. Maybe it’s neuroscience of change, maybe it’s psychology, but there is always scientific support for our ideas. Understanding why something happens is a good step to evolve and expand ideas.


We are diversity

We support the community by thinking of specific actions to strengthen ideas every step of the way. Diversity of thought is critical to providing feedback, expanding the ideas of others, and advancing the community.

We consider these values our code of conduct for dealing with our customers and for all activities related to Enterprise Agility University. We reflect them as part of our strategy, and they are the pillars that support our brand. You can mention them publicly if you feel it is necessary.

We also have a group of exceptional people and coaches who will help you and help you succeed.

Transparent Business Model

Our business model is simple to understand and is what we call Business-in-a-Box. It provides all the tools, knowledge and skills to grow your business in times of great uncertainty. Our Certified Training Parners licenses include the:

  • New tools and Frameworks
  • Materials, presentation and everything for you to deliver our courses
  • The tools such as our virtual environment WELO (in case you don’t do it in-house)
  • Boards, research, and all needed to support you while you are teaching

There are 2 Core Licenses and one bundle:

  • Individual
    This core license is for individuals who want to grow their business and make no more than $40,000 in revenue per year selling our courses. If you sell more than that, you should move to the Enterprise option. This is an option that allows individuals with their businesses or those who want to market our courses as a side business to have an affordable option.
  • Enterprise
    This core license is for organizations with more than 4 people who want to offer and market our courses globally and on a large scale. It is more flexible than the personal license, but has a higher price.
  • Consulting (bundle)
    This additional license (bundle) is designed to support our Certified Training Partners. If you provide consulting services and need our help in using our frameworks and models, we can offer you a discounted rate for your coaching sessions with us.
Business-in-a-Box Licenses
  • Individual
  • Popular
  • Consulting
$750 to 1500
/year and trainer
$3000 to 4500
/year and trainer
$800 to 1800
/year per company
Sell GloballyYesYesSame as Their Core License
Number of 30 minute coaching sessions with us after finishing your training12Same as Their Core License
Number of Trainers Included with the License12Same as Their Core License
Scale the Number of TrainersThe Trainer can have 1 more Trainer (Additional Trainer Should Pay an Individual License)Unlimited (Each Additional Trainer Should Pay an Individual License)Same as Their Core License
All materials for the course are provided (you don't have to write your courses!)Not Applicable
Additional Consulting Support from UsStandard Consulting Fee20% Discount on Consulting Fees. No Expedite Sessions.40% Discount On Consulting Fees. Expedite Consulting Sessions (within 24 hours) to Help you Solve Any Urgent Matters
Featured Articles in Our Newsletter12+1
Discount with a Copywriting Expert to Help you Boost your Articles (English & Spanish Only)
1-on-1 Discounted Sessions with a Traditional and Digital Marketing Expert to help you Leverage your Brand
Discounted SEO Service (Spanish only)
WordPress, Woocomerce, and Graphic Designer available at a Discounted Price
Once a Month 1 Hour Training for Trainers
Organize and Deliver 1 Webinar with Erich R. BühlerSame as Their Core License
License for Our Virtual Space Infrastructure
Discount on Enterprise Agility World Conference Sponsorship Packages30% Discount+15% Discount (non-cumulative)
Copies of Leading Exponential Change (e-books) to Give Away27+4
Have an Official EAU Chapter in your City
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Our business model is simple and has easy to understand licenses that help you focus on what matters most… Building your business, teaching the courses, or helping companies evolve the way they work. When we talk about teaching our courses, there are other things we do:

  • – Be part of a group of Certified Trainers who share knowledge and are constantly learning.
  • – Support communities with free events where they can share their knowledge and gain prestige
  • – Compete honestly with other certified partners
  • – Use our Enterprise Agility tools and frameworks with your customers to grow your business.

After reading this, many people ask us what exactly Business in a Box is. We call our licenses business in a box because they include many services and add-ons that allow you to support and develop your business.

Business Accelerator Program (optional)

If you don’t have experience selling or promoting courses, we offer our 9-week Business Accelerator Program. We’ll coach you and give you the tools and knowledge to hit the market and start teaching in record time:

  • – Collaborative website design and e-commerce platform setup
  • – Design and strategy of advertising campaigns on google, youtube and more
  • – Sales coaching by an expert and best-selling book author on internet sales
  • – Preparation of materials and articles with you and our copywriter

Our business accelerator is carried out in 5 sprints of 2 weeks each one. Each sprint has clear objectives.

Idea generation (avatar, problem, solution). The starting point of all marketing processes – who do I talk to, what problems do I help them solve and how. After this sprint, you stop being a category company (I’m an agile coach) and start being the authority for those suffering from a particular problem. Imagine you’re a medical expert that you value (and pay) more than a general practitioner, and after this sprint you’ll be able to position yourself as the expert to solve that problem.
Deliverable: ultimate strategy, avatar, speech and message.

Website with shopping cart and dynamic pricing. Here we focus on building your website and making sure it complies with EAU guidelines. To offer your services to the local or global market, you need to comply with EAU ‘s fair pricing guidelines. This requires dynamic pricing configuration depending on the market.

Deliverable: web presence with dynamic pricing.

Funnel Concepts (Landing and Lead Magnet) Learn more about the lead generation process and its secrets… the engine of your new or existing business.

DeliverableBasic funnel and lead magnet.

In this sprint we create your first campaign, according to your budget and avatar definition. We make sure tracking is configured properly and your campaign is ready to be a winner.

DeliverableFirst campaign.

Here you will focus on events that can increase your presence in the market, such as preparing a webinar, publishing articles, or other. You will also be asked to write a 1000 word article to increase your visibility.

Deliverable: Basic funnel and lead magnet.

The investment for the Business Accelerator is a 3-month program and costs U$S 5000, which can be paid in 2 installments. The cost of our BAP isn’t included in the license.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about our Business Accelerator Program. 5

Sales Accelerator Course (optional)

The most advanced tools are only part of your success – now it’s time to sell your courses! The Sales Accelerator Training is designed to help you sell and succeed, period. In one full day (2 days in the digital version), you will define your audience, master your message, and create the perfect offer in an automated online sales process that will get you in front of qualified buyers – customers who actually want to buy from you.

Training from Roi Shahaf, a best-selling author and marketing expert who has helped hundreds of sneakers plan and build their digital sales process without frustration or technical overload.

This 2-day course is offered to sneakers at $499 instead of the regular price of $999.

Why becoming a Certified Training Partner of EAU?

We provide the latest knowledge, our enterprise agility models, materials, and everything you need to deliver something new to your customers. We provide the science behind it. You will provide the foundations for your students to understand what happens when people face accelerated change, and they would be able to develop better tools influence change.
We offer solid courses and certifications that help participants advance their careers.

With our consulting license, you can also use all of our tools so you can expand your horizons beyond your current client base.

We have a payback time of 4 months, compared to 2-3 years with other training providers.

Know more about our Pricing Model