Business in a Box

Boost your Career by Becoming a Certified Training Partner of EAU

Separate yourself from the masses with unique tools, practices, mindsets, and research on Enterprise Agility. Dominate your markets with exceptional tools that allow companies to reduce resistance to change and build flexible and resilient enterprises.
We help Students around the world move from Agile to Enterprise Agility, from classic practices to advanced concepts, and from teams to the whole organization.

We make sure our Certified Training Partners are the best practitioners on the planet in Enterprise Agility, we support them in asserting their brands with our business-in-a-box licenses, and offer (optional) our Business Accelerator Program so you can stand out from the crowd.

Check the details of our Certified Change Consultant course you will be teaching.

We Based Everything We Do On Values

We guide everything we do by clear values, which make being an Enterprise Agility University Certified Training Partner a unique and healthy learning experience every day.

Our values are the bedrock of our courses, our way of conducting ourselves, and the key to our success.

Knowledge without values is like a map without cardinal points, and is the key to our success.

We know that following values is sometimes challenging for companies, but we encourage you to use them as part of our interactions with customers.

We teach to empower and learn

Every time we teach we also learn to be a better version of ourselves. We deliberately shift the focus away from ourselves and focus on empowering people with knowledge. Power does not derive from having a lot of knowledge but from being able to spread it.


We breathe and practice humility

Humility is, one of the most powerful and important attributes of growth. Being humble helps build confidence and facilitates learning from others and from the oneself. These are key aspects of leadership and personal development. So we pay special attention to supporting the community with humility.


We innovate with empiricism

We always go the extra mile to know and provide people with the science that supports what we teach. Maybe it’s neuroscience of change, maybe it’s psychology, but there is always scientific support for our ideas. Understanding why something happens is a good step to evolve and expand ideas.


We are diversity

We support the community by considering at every step specific actions to empower ideas. Diversity of thought is crucial for feedback, broadening the ideas of others and evolving society.

We consider these values as our code of conduct for interacting with our customers and with any activity related to Enterprise Agility University. We reflect on these as part of our strategy, and they are the pillars that support our brand. You can mention them publicly if you feel it is necessary.

We also have a group of exceptional people and coaches that will help you and will help you achieve success.

Transparent Business Model

Our business model is easy to understand, and is what we call Business-in-a-Box as it provides all the tools, knowledge, and possibilities to develop your company in times of high uncertainty. Our licenses for Certified Training Parners include the:

  • Training om Enterprise Agility and our tools and frameworks
  • Materials, presentation and everything for you to deliver our courses
  • The tools such as our virtual environment (in case you don’t do it in-house)
  • Boards, research, and all needed to support you while you are teaching

And much more, so you can be ready to teach from the day after you become a Certified Training Partner. Click here to see the detail for the Certified Change Consultant on Enterprise Agility Course.

There are 2 Core and one additional Business-in-a-box licenses:

  • Individual
    This core license is intended for individuals who want to develop their business and do not have a turnover of more than $40,000 per year in sales of our courses. If you sell more than this, you should move to the enterprise option. It is an option that makes it possible for individuals with their businesses or who wish to market our courses as a second activity to have an affordable option.
  • Enterprise
    This core license is designed for organizations with more than 4 people that wish to offer and market our courses globally and on a large scale. It is more flexible than the personal license but has a higher cost.
  • Consulting (additional License)
    This additional license is designed for Certified Training Partners that, in addition to our Individual or Enterprise licenses, wish to offer solid consulting services to their clients, using our frameworks, know-how, and support. This license provides benefits that make it possible for our Partners to face any business transformations with with confidence.
Business-in-a-Box Licenses
  • Individual
  • Popular
  • Consulting
$500 to 1300
/year and trainer
$3000 to 4500
/year and trainer
$800 to 1800
/year per company
Sell GloballyMost of the CountriesCan Sell AnywhereSame as Their Core License
Number of Free Trainings for Our Programs12Same as Their Core License
Number of Trainers Included with the License11Same as Their Core License
Scale the Number of TrainersThe CTP can have 1 more Trainer (Additional Trainer Should Pay an Individual License)Unlimited (Each Additional Trainer Should Pay an Individual License)Same as Their Core License
All materials for the course are provided (you don't have to write your courses!)Not Applicable
Consulting SupportStandard Consulting Fee20% Discount on Consulting Fees. No Expedite Sessions.40% Discount On Consulting Fees. Expedite Consulting Sessions (within 24 hours) to Help you Solve Any Urgent Matters
Complimentary Consulting Sessions With EAU Expert (30 Minutes Each)2+1
Featured Articles in Our Newsletter12+1
License for Our Collaborative Board Infrastructure
Discount with a Copywriting Expert to Help you Boost your Articles (English & Spanish Only)
1-on-1 Discounted Sessions with a Traditional and Digital Marketing Expert to help you Leverage your Brand
Discounted SEO Service (Spanish only)
WordPress, Woocomerce, and Graphic Designer available at a Discounted Price
Once a Month 1 Hour Training for Trainers
Organize and Deliver 1 Webinar with Erich R. BühlerSame as Their Core License
License for Our Virtual Space Infrastructure
Discount on Enterprise Agility World Conference Sponsorship Packages30% Discount+15% Discount (non-cumulative)
30 Days of Free Advertising of Your Courses in Your Market, Reaching Up to 240000 people (Google Ads), during the first 30 daysSame as Their Core License
Copies of Leading Exponential Change (e-books) to Give Away27+4
Have an Official EAU Chapter in your City
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Our business model is simple and have easy to understand licenses that help you focus on what matters most… building your business, teaching the courses, or helping companies evolve their ways of working. When we talk about teaching our courses there are other things we do as well:

  • Be part of a group of certified trainers who exchange knowledge and learn constantly.


  • Support communities with free events where they can contribute knowledge and gain prestige
  • Compete honestly with other Certified Partners
  • Use our Enterprise Agility tools and frameworks with your customers to develop your business even further.

After reading this, many people ask us what exactly is business in a box. We call business in a box to our licenses, because they include many services and add-ons that allow you to support and develop your business.

Business Accelerator Program (optional)

If you don’t have experience at selling or promoting courses, we can offer our 9-week business accelerator program. We will coach and provide you with the tools and knowledge for you to impact the market and start teaching in record time:

  • Collaborative website design and e-commerce platform setup
  • Design and strategy of advertising campaigns on google, youtube and more
  • Sales coaching by an expert and best-selling book author on internet sales
  • Preparation of materials and articles with you and our copywriter

Our business accelerator is carried out in 5 sprints of 2 weeks each one. Each sprint has clear objectives.

Idea discovery (avatar, problem, solution). The starting point of all marketing processes – who I talk to, what problems I help them solve and how. After this sprint you are going to stop being a category business (I’m an agile coach) and start being the authority for those suffering from a specific problem. Think of it as a medical expert, you value (and pay) them more than a general practitioner, and after this sprint you will be able to position yourself as the expert to solve this problem.
Deliverable: ultimate strategy, avatar, speech and message.

Website with shopping cart and dynamic pricing. Here we focus on creating your website and making sure it complies with EAU policies. In order to offer your services to your local or global market, it is necessary to respect EAU fair pricing policies. This requires dynamic pricing configuration according to the markets.

Deliverable: Web presence with dynamic pricing.

Funnel concepts (landing and lead magnet) Here you will learn about the process of lead generation and its secrets… the engine of your new or existing business.

DeliverableBasic funnel and lead magnet.

In this sprint we will create your first campaign, according to your budget and avatar definition. We will make sure all tracking is configured correctly and your campaign is ready to be a winner.

DeliverableFirst campaign.

Here you will focus on events that can increase your presence in the market, such as the preparation of a webinar, the publication of articles, or others. You will also be asked to write a 1000 words article to increase your visibility.

Deliverable: Basic funnel and lead magnet.

The investment for the business accelerator is U$S 2000 and can be paid in 2 installments. The cost of our BAP is not included in the license.

Contact us at courses@enterpriseAgility.University to learn more about our Business Accelerator Program. 

Why becoming a Certified Training Partner of EAU?

We provide state-of-the-art knowledge, our Enterprise Agility models, materials, and everything you need to offer something new to your customers.We offer the science behind it so you can understand what happens when individuals are exposed to accelerated change, and develop better tools to help them. We offer solid courses and certifications that will allow students to advance their careers.

We allow you to use all our tools with our consulting license so you can expand your horizons beyond your current client database.
We have a 4 month return on investment, compared to 2-3 years with other training companies.

Workshops Fees

The trainer shall pay Enterprise Agility University 30% of the gross price paid by each student for the course. This covers student materials, use of the Welo platform, and the exam. In the case of a free or in-house course of more than 3 hours, the trainer shall pay 30% per student of the minimum retail price set forth in this contract.


Pay a Flat Rate for Your Courses

Trainers also have the possibility to pay an annual flat rate add-on to obtain a flat rate fee per course. The flat rate per course is 2x the minimum selling price for the course in the instructor’s market.

For example, if the minimum selling price for the course in your market is € 750, you would pay a flat rate of € 1500 per course (up to 15 students).

The price of the add-on is 1x your current license. For example, if you have paid $1000 for your license, you will need to pay $1000 per year for the add-on.

$ 1000 for your license + $ 1000  for the flat rate add-on = $ 2000 per year

The rest of the year you would pay $ 1500 per course up to 15 students

The add-on can be purchased at the time of paying for your annual license or added after the sixth month of your license.

Sell Worldwide

There is a large market for our courses and we believe it is important that our Certified Change Consultants can also sell globally. We know that different markets offer unique characteristics, such as different selling prices. That’s why our licenses are priced differently in different geographic areas.

These are the Individual license prices per country and year:

Individual License or Extra Trainer
Enterprise License from companies from $ 3000 to $ 4500
Consulting License from $800 to $1200
$ 1100
£ 900
Spain, Portugal, Italy, Balkans, and Malta
€ 750
Rest of Europe
€ 850
New Zealand
NZD 970
AUD 980
$ 650
Canada, Quatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia
$ 900
Latin America
$ 650
$ 650
Rest of the World
$ 800

Our Fair Policy Pricing

We have a fair pricing policy. If a Certified Training Partner sells in another market (a different country than the one he or she lives in), it must offer their courses at the list price established for that market. This makes things fair and there is no unfair competition. The previous ones are some examples of minimum selling prices and retail prices.

Please note that the minimum prices are not the selling prices. When the country prohibits the use of minimum prices, prior authorization by Enterprise Agility University will be required in order to sale the course in that country. In the event of any changes, Enterprise Agility University will notify you 30 days in advance so that you can update your promotional documents if you are affected. Please ask us if you wanted to know the list price for a country different than yours. When you become a trainer, you would have access to our Pricing Policy where all this information is included.

The trainer shall pay Enterprise Agility University 30% of the gross price paid by each student for the course. In the case of a free or in-house course of more than 3 hours, the trainer shall pay 30% per student of the minimum retail price set forth in this contract.

Remember, if you want to offer a workshop to a country other than your own, your price must match the retail price of that country. We expect trainers to apply a fair pricing policy that does not encourage price competition.

Minimum Selling Price
Suggested Retail Price
US, Canada
$ 800
$ 1500
£ 800
£ 1050
€ 750
€ 1100
Rest of Europe
€ 660
€ 950
$ 650
$ 750
Rest of Latin America
$ 500
$ 750
New Zealand
NZD 699
NZD 950
AUD 650
AUD 1000
$ 700
$ 950
$ 500
$ 750
Quatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia
$ 900
$ 1300
Russia and India
$ 500
$ 750
Rest of the World
$ 600
$ 800

Opportunity Cost

The Trainer is required to sell a minimum of one course every 4 months to a group of a minimum of 6 participants. In the event the trainer is unable to sell one course every 4 months, the Certified Training Partner will be required to pay 25% of their license fee as the Opportunity Cost if no course was sold in that period.

The payment must be made within 14 days of completion of the 4 months, and failing to do so will draw an additional penalty of $ 20 every month until the payment is cleared. 

About Us...

Enterprise Agility University was born as a private global initiative to help companies move beyond Agile and Scrum. Enterprise Agility University™ is in the process of being registered in the United States with temporary registration number 90562033.

The Enterprise Agility, Change Management, and Leadership models used in the different courses are based on our founder’s best-selling book, Leading Exponential Change from Erich R. Bühler plus the incessant research and support of scientists specialized in organizational change.

Among our certified training partners from different countries, we have professionals specialized in different frameworks or software scaling frameworks, as well as people from leadership or business environments. 

Our change management courses in Enterprise Agility, leadership, and innovation do not compete with existing courses such as Scrum, Lean, SAFe, or others.

We are different from any other company in the market because we invest in training and in ensuring that our Certified Training Partners have advanced tools to teach their students, we have a recognized certification, and we offer the possibility that our tools are used in consulting.

We offer enterprise Agility frameworks, practices, and cutting-edge tools that are the interface between the science meets the organizational framework.

We offer an average return on investment of 4 months, compared to 2 to 4 years for other products on the market.


Our Next Training for Trainers

We run a training course for trainers every 3 months. Our next Training will be the 1st or 2nd week of June.