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Accelerate change in your company

From New York to Hong Kong, from Brazil to Jakarta, from Madrid to Nigeria, from Russia to New Zealand… our courses and certification support change agents all over the planet. We believe we have the world’s best courses in Enterprise Agility.

Not only do we support you with new tools to influence change, but we give you quality time to test what you’ve learned and connect with other professionals.

We don’t talk about what others talk about at conferences or other events. We help you learn and use new theories and leading practices that will empower you in your day-to-day business and give you a clear competitive advantage.

We are a private global learning and innovation company that provides new approaches to help communities tackle the world’s biggest challenges to build a better future.

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Our courses provide points towards renewing your PMI and Scrum Alliance certifications.

The best training worldwide on Enterprise Agility


Change meets science

Our courses are based on  neuroscience of change, organizational psychology and sociology, exponential growth theories, and new concepts developed by us and tested in prestigious clients.


Our Trainers

Our trainers are experts in organizational change and have extensive experience in implementing, consulting, and teaching in companies. They also have experience learning, working and co-training with the industry's top thought leaders. They have experiencethe practices, tools, and mindsets taught in our courses with clients and a variety of companies.


We don't use Zoom/Skype

We don't use ZOOM or SKYPE. We use state-of-the-art technology to rebuild the social environment, and make our students' knowledge flow to experience new approaches in record time.


Time to Reflect

We provide space and time for students to try out in the company what they have learned, connect with other professionals, and provide feedback to the class about their experiences and results. Our goal is not to teach you, but to help you learn, experience, and become a better professional.


Be Ready for Your Training

Our masterclasses are designed for Leaders, Change Consultants, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Human Resources, and anyone wanting to take the organization beyond agile and Scrum.

All of our students get a copy of Leading Exponential Change 2nd. edition and can take the international exam on Enterprise Agility up to twice free of charge.