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Did you know that companies invest an average of 1% of their revenue in talent? However, the turnover rate in companies is 58% and 60-70%. The impact of this situation causes us as HR or People leaders to focus on the key players: people.
Exponential changes and market disruptions make it necessary to change the structures of companies to meet the new challenges. And as an area that permeates the entire company, HR is called upon to play a strategic role.

Talent is the most valuable asset a company can have. And it’s HR that helps create collective strategies to attract and develop talent before the new employee arrives at the company.
Since HR is the bearer of talent, it must take on the great responsibility of creating the environment and conditions for employees to develop their full talent and potential and thus contribute to the well-being of the company and the achievement of its goals.
In the past, HR has dealt with personnel selection, payroll, labor regulations and policies, and other tasks that were more functional and administrative in nature.
However, we need to evolve. So how can HR adopt and lead change?
Starting with PEOPLE, because they’re the ones who really mobilize an organization! And as such, we need to mobilize HR to make this happen.
The Enterprise Agility Human Development certification will teach you about H2HD or Human-to-Human-Dynamics, which will enable you to lead, facilitate and guide change not only in HR, but also in the rest of the organization and its entire ecosystem. 

We’re aware of the exponential nature in which we live and for which we need to continuously scale in order to sustain the well-being of people and therefore our organizations.

The Enterprise Agility UniversityTrainers will give y’all the tools to continue learning after the course and to immediately put into practice and apply what you’ve learned.

Is this course for You?

Our Certified Enterprise Agility Human Development course is based on the expertise and research of the Enterprise Agility University, backed by neuroscience and human behavior. It’s designed to develop critical competencies that facilitate organizational change through people.
This certification is about learning creative strategies and activities that add value, reveal new perspectives, and help HR and People leaders navigate complex challenges to achieve greater organizational impact.
If you or people in your organization struggle to drive change and business strategy, have a hard time scaling ideas and adopting a growth mindset, or encounter high levels of resistance, this certification is the best investment you and your organization can make!

What you will Learn

Objectives of the Course


– What do exponential changes mean, why are they important, and how do they affect organizations and individuals?

– How do people’s brains function in the face of change?

– How people’s habits and behaviors significantly affect organizations and their response to organizational goals.


– How to sustain organizational health of teams even in complex organizational environments.

– The new role of HR or People in the face of new and challenging paradigms.

– How to integrate diverse perspectives and approaches into organizational structure and culture.


– In a global economy that’s constantly evolving, the most successful companies will be those that adapt quickly and effectively. That’s why one of the most important reasons to develop your leaders is to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence.

– Understand how H2HD fits into the new jobs and the role HR or People play in exponential companies.

Our Certified Enterprise Agility Human Development course helps you understand the skills to mobilize and support all people in your organization to achieve your business goals in complex and changing environments.
Based on the science of human behavior, we invite you to experience a different, diverse, and most importantly, dynamic and actionable learning experience that also allows you to learn about new perspectives and styles and gives you new tools necessary for your management.


– 18 hours, three hours per session to allow the participant to learn and practice the techniques.

– Other formats are also available for companies.

– The course includes the first  EXAM to become a Certified Enterprise Agility Human Development professional.


– You will receive one copy of Leading Exponential Change 2nd. edition in your language (English, Spanish, Portuguese) and access to the videos from the Enterprise Agility World Conference 2021.

– Access to the Enterprise Agility World Conference 2021 conference videos to support your growth.

– Slides, interactive whiteboards and other materials for the course.


– We use a state-of-the-art methodology and tool to teach all ours courses. We believe in neuroscience concepts to deliver great experiences.

– We also use a Whatsapp or Slack group to support participants during the course.

You will also receive 18 points to renew your certification with Scrum Alliance or PMI. After completing the first course and passing the exam, the student will receive the certificate (CEAHD). 

Science Meets Organizational Change

Who should attend this course?

– Leaders, Managers, HR, People and Team Leaders.

– Consultants, HR or People Coaches

If you’re or have been a manager, leader, or HRBP for 1 or 10 years, this course will give you new techniques and knowledge of new paradigms to influence, lead, and mobilize people in the face of market upheaval. You’ll also get a solid foundation in enterprise agility, resilience, and practices to realign people in an organization in record time.

Day 1.

On the first day, we try to get everyone tuned in to what an exponential enterprise means and why it’s important.
We focus on analyzing how the human brain works and how it affects the way people act and react to change.
We’ll show you the 6 principles of change to help you know yourself better as you face market changes.
We conclude the first day with dynamics that help us understand the basic behaviors of people.

Day 2.

On the second day, we’ll show you how to recognize and evaluate our own performance, the performance of others, and the performance of our ecosystem. In this way, we can align these behaviors with the mission, purpose, and values of the organization.
You’ll learn about organizational health and the benefits it brings to the organization and all its members, and how to build that psychological safety to create a healthy environment where everyone learns, collaborates, and contributes.
You’ll also learn how microhabits are formed and how we can develop behaviors that facilitate change.

Day 3.

You’ll learn the 5 types of agility and the basics to identify in which opportunity or situation you can apply it.
We dive deeper into the new role of HR or People and understand it primarily as the great mobilizer (of people, roles, functions, organizations).
We learned about “reframing“, a technique that allows us to understand the true purpose of HR or People: how it should reinvent itself and what it needs to do for itself and for the other people in the company.
We ended the day with exercises on these new techniques.

Day 4.

On Day 4, you’ll have the opportunity to learn a model that will allow you to apply coaching techniques to always be attentive and quickly understand the impact of change; to keep an eye on the well-being of employees, to expand the possibilities of connecting with others and the organization.
You’ll also learn effective new techniques for identifying and amplifying staff strengths and how to assess staff capabilities to ensure the right people are available to lead the organization.

Day 5.

On this day you’ll learn how to combine what you’ve learned with the most important functions of human resources that will allow you to take advantage of organizational change and mobilization.

Day 6.

In the first 30 minutes of this day, you will present a work on transforming the HR or People Department. Then you will have a question and answer session to share ideas and reinforce what you have learned in the course.

The second hour is EXAM, where 75% or more is required to become a Certified Enterprise Agility Human Development professional.

No matter where you are in the world, you will have free access to our Student Platform. This will allow you to access course materials, articles on organizational change, and to be in contact with other professionals in the field and job offers. Regardless of the country in which the course is taken, our seminars are prepared to offer the same experience regardless of the country.

All Enterprise Agility University Certified Training Partners have at least 10 years of experience in Organizational Change and Leadership, undergo a rigorous selection and training process.

Begin your journey to sustainable leadership, accelerate change in your organization, and lead even more exceptional products. Talk to your nearest Trainer now!