The Power of People

Build a  Chapter

A new Story, a new Chapter

Our volunteers are a fantastic bunch of people around the world who come from all walks of life but share one thing in common–they’re passionate about Enterprise Agility and sharing knowledge with others. In return, for supporting the community and organizing at least one small event a month free of charge and open to the community, they will get all our support and become part of the Enterprise Agility University community.

There are many benefits of volunteering to become part of a chapter.


  • Get a full license of our virtual environment tool so you can organize great events in your region or country!
  • All the members from the chapter get an 80% discount off the book Leading Exponential Change 2nd edition. 
  • Possibility to write articles and research that will be made available in the Virtual Library and advertised by the university.
  • Get 10% discount on our courses and be part of special training sessions for chapter members.
  • Make a difference in your country or region by helping other change agents to improve.
  • Learn new management skills in the process as well as have the opportunity to share your ideas and experiences with others.
  • Meet new people in your profession and enjoy meaningful networking!
  • Be recognized for your valuable contribution in promoting Enterprise Agility goals and objectives.
  • Contribute to the local chapters and stay in contact with other chapters from the region to share knowledge.
  • Get monthly support in preparing presentations for your Chapter. 

We encourgage Chapters to inspire people by considering four values.

If you see value in all of this, please send us a video of no more than 2 minutes explaining why you want to build a Chapter to support your community.

courses (at) EnterpriseAgility.University

We teach to empower and learn

Every time we teach we also learn to be a better version of ourselves. We deliberately shift the focus away from ourselves and focus on empowering people with knowledge. Power does not derive from having a lot of knowledge, but from being able to spread it.

We breathe and practice humility

Humility is one of the most powerful and important attributes of growth. Being humble helps build confidence and facilitates learning from others and oneself. These are key aspects of leadership and personal development. So we pay special attention to supporting the community with humility.

We innovate with empiricism

We always go the extra mile to know and provide people with the science that supports what we teach. Maybe it’s the neuroscience of change, maybe it’s psychology, but there is always scientific support for our ideas. Understanding why things happen is a good step towards evolving and expanding ideas.

We are diversity

We support the community by considering, at every step, specific actions to empower ideas. Diversity of thought is crucial for feedback, broadening the ideas of others and evolving society.