Collective Capabilities

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What are Collective Capabilities?

If you work in a business that’s subject to rapid change, you’ll find that it’s difficult for teams to adapt to highly variable and accelerated market demands. This adaptation usually requires moving people and their skills between teams. The same applies to value streams used in the SAFe framework or others.

Employees exposed to constant team rotation have a low sense of psychological ownership. They don’t feel that they’re part of what they produce as they are always changing teams and don’t generally feel they should take responsibility for what they do. It’s also difficult to manage the movement of these people between teams when everything changes, which often overwhelms managers. 

The collective capabilities model is a new way of organizing the company and enabling it to be always ready, always responsive, and always innovative. These are the 3 outcomes of Enterprise Agility.

The training will be led by Erich R. Bühler and EAWC Regional Directors and ambassadors. It involves the science behind and hands-on practices for you to learn actionable things.

Time and structure

The course will last 2 hours and 45 minutes on the December 13 (Tuesday), and is structured as follows:

1:20 Training
20 minutes break and networking
1:20 Training

The Power of People

On the day of the training

Please arrive on time. We will provide AI subtitle translation, not perfect but enough for you to understan the materials if you speak a foreing language. 

I’d like to thank Enterprise Agility University for subsidizing the training for all of you, and Lean Agile Intelligence for providing a free license. Click here to get a free licence to Lean Agile Intelligence until the end of the year!

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