Enterprise Agility Foundations (I)

Certified Change Consultant

Is this course for You?

Agile Coaches, Consultants, HR, Scrum Masters, or anyone who wants to accelerate change in their company will find value in this course. It introduces new advanced ideas, concepts, and models to expand Agility across the whole organization.

If you or you team are struggling to get momentum with your company’s change, find hard to scale ideas and mindsets, or find high levels of resistance in your company, then you should consider this 17-hour course.

What you will Learn

Objectives of the Course


– Current challenges with market strategy, and execution across your organization.

– Different techniques when transformation/changing more traditional companies.

– How organizations can deliver value in disruptive markets while maintaining innovation.


– Most suitable organization structures and team design and analyze different approaches for alignment to end value delivery.

– The way the brain works during change and how it can become skilled in accelerating change across diverse organizational structures/silos.


– The impact of accelerated change on Leaders, Management, and Team members, and how to deal with it when facing disruptive markets.

– Why the five pillars of Enterprise Agility are the foundations to designing a Leadership & Culture Transformation strategy that enables actionable actions to establish solid, long-lasting ability to deliver change.

Enterprise Agility Foundations (I) – Certified Change Consultant develops understanding and skills in change leadership techniques to be leveraged by Organizational Leaders, Change-Agents, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and HR talent in a variety of large-scale contexts. During the course, you will be able to practice in your company what you are learning during the course and share it with the trainer in the class to get feedback and improve ideas.

Attendance is required on all six sessions of the online Enterprise Agility Foundations course (as listed above) to undertake the assessment and obtain the certification.

We use state-of-the-art tools to teach this workshop. We don’t use Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams.


– 17 hours, once a week to allow the participant to learn and practice the techniques.

– Other formats are also available for companies.

– The course includes the EXAM to become a Certified Change Consultant.


– You will receive one copy of Leading Exponential Change 2nd. edition in your language (English, Spanish, Portuguese).

– Slides, interactive whiteboards and other materials for the course.


– We use a state-of-the-art methodology and tool to teach all ours courses. We believe in neuroscience concepts to deliver great experiences.

– We also use a Whatsapp or Slack group to support participants during the course.

You will also get 16 points to renew your certification with Scrum Alliance or PMI. Description for the other courses will come soon. After completing the first course and passing the exam, the student will obtain the Certified Change Consultant (CCC) certificate. We believe that at this point the professional will have valuable tools to be part of a transformation team.

Science Meets Organizational Change

Who should attend this course?

– Change Consultants, Organizational Leaders, Scrum Masters, HR

– Transformation Executives, Enterprise Agile Coaches

Whether you have worked in organizational change at 1 year or 10, this course brings new techniques to cope with market disruptions, create innovation, and increase the flexibility and resilience of the company. It develops understanding and skills in change leadership techniques to be leveraged by Organizational Leaders, Change-Agents, Scrum Masters, Product Owners in a variety of large-scale contexts.

Day 1.

Introduction to Exponential Change, Technical Agility, and an always ready company, and its desired behaviors.

Day 2.

Moving from Classic change tactics to behavioral change tactics during high uncertainty. Foundations for Mental Agility and the science behind.

Day 3.

The power of microhabits to build an always responsive company. Use the canvas A5 to move from problems to hypothesis when there is a need for change.

Day 4.

Aligning traditionall organizations, increasing structural agility and the science behind accelerated change with the change journey pyramid.

Day 5.

Understanding the impact of social agility and how to create practices that impact innovation and business value. Creating a powerful change plan.

Day 6.

Q /A session and exam to become a Certified Change Consultant in Enterprise Agility.

No matter where you are in the world, you will have free access to our student platform. This will allow you to access course materials, articles on organizational change, and to be in contact with other professionals in the field and job offers. Regardless of the country in which the course is taken, our seminars are prepared to offer the same experience regardless of the country.

All Enterprise Agility University certified trainers have at least 10 years of experience in organizational change and undergo a rigorous selection and training process.