What is the Agile Diversity Index?

Agile Diversity Index is a global, cross-industry research and the first one to look exclusively at diversity around the world in companies using agile ways of thinking and working.

Enterprise Agility University has created an index that provides not only how each country should improve its diversity in companies with agile ways of thinking, but also provides information on diversity in agile communities around the world. This allows us to analyze people in a broader ecosystem.

We want to learn more about the disparity of opportunities between human beings, and provide leaders and employees with clear information so they can make better decisions.

With this global research, we hope to not only drive change and greater engagement within companies, but also real engagement with the agile communities.

The research will also analyze the opportunities for the person and career.

Individuals will be invited to contribute between the 15th March and 15th April 2021.

The global research data will be made freely available to all organizations and countries willing to move towards more inclusive and modern business models.

The Agile Diversity Index will provide crucial data for decision-makers to help agile organizations be a better place to work. This means a better quality of life, and for companies to improve the ability to deliver greater innovation and business value sustainably.

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Do you belong to a group or Organization?

If you belong to an organization and want to inform your members about Agile Diversity Index, please contact [email protected]We will reciprocate by sending you the results 1 month before they are made public, so that you can present them at conferences and events.

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To learn more about the study, click here to contact professor and researcher Iskra Marin.