The Enterprise Agility World Conference 2022 is just around the corner and I have good news for you. The coming Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th we are having the pre-conference with great speakers and knowledge, join us! More than 70 speakers, areas for international networking, and more!

It’s free and you’ll have 2 days packed with new information from leading academics and consultants on how to create businesses that are always ready, always responsive, and always innovative. Here are the details for Day 1 and here are the details for Day 2. You can invite your colleagues even if they are not part of the conference. Use our event on Linkedin event, or via the event page EAWCONFERENCE.ORG/NEUROWEEK 
Finally, among all those who come to the pre-conference we will be raffling tickets for the event.

My special thanks to the Institute of Organizational Neuroscience and everyone who makes this pre-conference possible.We look forward to seeing you there!!!

Invite up to 3 friends to the big conference!

As you know, tickets for the event are already available at the maximum price of $140. However, you can invite 3 friends and have them pay $95 each.
Give them the follwoing code: FRIEND-OF-EAWC

They wolud be able to use it at the checkout.
Please make sure they use the promocode before FRIDAY next week.

This week we posted a couple of videos about our view of Enterprise Agility (watch episode 1 here). We believe it contains the fundamentals for enterprises to move beyond classic agility or business agility as proposed by some market players.

These new concepts (watch episode 2 here) make it possible for organizations and individuals to continue to deliver customer value and innovation in a sustainable way, even when individuals are exposed to constant changes in the environment.

See you soon with more news!