I'm pleased to announce that the Enterprise Agility World Conference videos are now available with subtitles in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese.

At the same time, it's on our artificial intelligence platform, which allows you to search for almost anything. Be it something the speaker said, a gesture, or something contained in the ppt he showed.

Great videos for a weekend full of new knowledge!

***Training on Collective Capabilities and Videos from the conference***
We're hosting a free training on Collective Capabilities (CC). I'm sure you're wondering what that's. Collective Capabilities is the new way of organizing companies so they're better prepared to be always ready, always responsive, and always innovate.

How do you get the videos and training information?

https://Community.EAU.University <----CLICK THERE

We've it all in one place, on the Enterprise Agility World Community. You sign up, it's free! You'll find all the information about the training, the videos, and another surprise in the menu on the left-hand side under the LINK option.

And the surprise is... starting today you can also download my book Leading Exponential Change in PDF format.

I hope you find it helpful and let me know what you think!
Erich R. Bühler
[email protected]