Hack the System and simplify the company

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Refresh the screen if you get the same card on the right and on the left, or if you get a card you got earlier

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Technical Agility – Changing software as quickly, cheaply, and securely as possible. This is the classic agile, which comes from the 2001 manifesto software

Structural Agility – Allowing organizational structures and procedures to adapt to the new situation while minimizing the impact on the health of the organization

Outcomes Agility – Enabling strategic outcomes to be achieved even in turbulent times, in order to respond to changing market conditions

Social Agility – Making it possible to change the way people connect with others, to achieve highly collective performance

Mental Agility – Allowing everyone in the organization to mentally reframe challenges to find new solutions, even in times of high stress

When you hack the distribution of power or the ecosystem, it means you’re using people power or market forces to your advantage.

It means that resistance to change or to your ideas is very low or non-existent. It also means that the impact you’ve on your target will be medium to high.

Focus on the green area when you want to hack the power or the ecosystem.

Special thanks to Daniela Imaña, Mónica Acosta, Rose Restrepo, and Sylvia de Hohberg for their support and ideas for this game​