Ignore neurophysiology and ignore optimal progress. Last year I showed at EAWC, three ways to maximise agile and flexible thinking.
Dr. Delia McCabe, MA (Psych), PhD
Neuroscientist, Stress Resiliency Consultant, CEO Brighter, Lighter You! Australia
Last year, I talked about building an ecosystem to enable change across the organization
Prof. Dave Snowden
Director, Cynefin Centre UK
Ignore neurophysiology and ignore optimal progress. Last year I showed at EAWC, three ways to maximise agile and flexible thinking.
Dr. Delia McCabe, MA (Psych), PhD
Neuroscientist, Stress Resiliency Consultant, CEO Brighter, Lighter You! Australia
Stuck in Framework Prison? Last year I showed how your company could become a Learning Organization.
Scott Ambler
Vice President and Chief Scientist of Disciplined Agile at PMI, Canada
Reflective practice helps us make the crucial connections between our thinking and our actions. Last year I showed you at EAWC how to engage a process of continuous learning in your company.
Fien D'Haeger, New Zealand
Senior Organizational Psychologist, New Zealand
A VUCA world needs agile people who control agile technology, systems and structures. Developing agile people starts with optimizing their brains. Last year I showed you at EAWC a framework for developing neuro agile people.
André Vermeulen
Neuroscientist / CEO of Neuro-Link, South Africa
Why do people seem to resist change? Is it resistance, habit or lack seeing the big picture? Last year at EAWC explained this.
Al Shalloway
Thought Leader & Author, USA
Complex is not complicated. Leading enterprises in era of Complexity. The primary challenge which leaders are facing is to evolve their enterprises. Last year I helped you at EAWC how to achieve it!
Sunil Mundra
Thought Leader, Principal Consultant-Advisory at Thoughtworks, Singapore
Agile organizations have a common denominator: the culture. Last year I showed during EAWC how to hack and create key elements
Dr. Stefanie Puckett
Organizational Psychologist and Author, Germany
Are you struggling to transforming your organization from a single project methodology into Enterprise with context-based project methodology? Last year I focused on this.
Andrew Soswa
Strategic Enterprise Manager with 18+ years’ experience, USA
Last year I helped create enabling interventions to overcome resistance and apathy to change in individuals & organizations.
Dr. Soumiya Tewari
Organizational Psychologist, India
Last year at EAWC I showed more of the Agility of SpaceX and innovation problem-solving applied to novel problems.
Frederik M. Fowler
Agile and Scrum Leader and Author, USA
The most important skill Agile Leaders need is Psychological Flexibility. Last year I focused on how this can be trained
Laurent Alt
Expert in Agile@Scale and Behavioral Science at BCG, France
Last year I focused on explaining how to accelerate transformation through evolution and the gateways that would help you accelerate change throughout your organization.
Chema García
Head of Agile Transformation at Santander Bank, Spain
This event is sponsored by Enterprise Agility University.
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Q&A about the event

This is our 2nd year. It’s the world’s only event on science, organizational change and enterprise agility. This year we are remote. We usually have several neuroscientists, organizational psychologists, executives and change consultants giving new talks beyond Agile and Scrum.

The aim of the conference is to promote new ways, theories, practices, and mindsets to deal with high levels of uncertainty, pressure for innovation, exponential markets, technological and market demands, and ways to influence change in the organization. This conference is a non-profit event sponsored by Enterprise Agility University and supported by their partners around the world. Erich R. Bühler is the CEO of the Enterprise Agility University and author of the best-selling book Leading Exponential Change (2018).

We’ve all companies from around the world and the 5 continents.

We expect around 500 to 600+ companies.

Last year we had around 800 participants. This year we expect between 1000 and 1800.

No, we don’t charge speakers anything for submission, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair for speakers.

If the talk is selected, we promote the person all over the world. Since we invest 100% in the infrastructure of the event (it’s a non-profit conference), we pay for your time by promoting your brand or name throughout Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia. We will also provide live translation to your presentations into more than 30 languages so you can reach the whole world.

If you’re selected, you’ll receive one ticket for you and another for a person of your choice. If your talk isn’t selected, we’ll give you a big discount to compensate for your time.

Yes, and we invest 100% in the conference. Last year we charged about $60 per attendee. The actual cost per attendee was $380, but our sponsor Enterprise Agility University covered the rest. This year, the cost will be between $40 and $99 because we’ll be providing live translation into multiple languages.

  • The professionals who’ll process your submission are certified Partners from the Enterprise Agility University from different countries and cultures, specializing in different fields. You’ll meet them if your presentation is selected. We evaluate from each talk the following:
    1.Topic 2.Trendiness 3.Creativeness
    4.Fit to Area chosen + Science, Organizational Change, or Enterprise Agility

You’ll also get a higher score if you prepare some materials to give away to the participants.

If your submission is selected, we will assist you in whatever you need.

Yes, you can present in your language, and we will translate your talk. If you are bilingual and one of your languages is English, English is desirable.

You can choose any of the following 4 areas:

1. Organizational Behaviors and Enterprise Agility

2. Neuroscience applied to organizational change 

3. Strategic Management and Innovation 

4. Organizational Structure and Design for Exponential growth

You will have 60 minutes. We will also asign a facilitator to help you with anything you need.

The tool we use is specifically for this type of event and the people who vote on the presentations are part of the conference board. The entire process is based on blind selection. You won’t have to submit the materials until your talk is accepted.

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