Ignore neurophysiology and ignore optimal progress. I will show you at EAWC, three ways to maximise agile and flexible thinking.
Dr. Delia McCabe, MA (Psych), PhD
Neuroscientist, Stress Resiliency Consultant, CEO Brighter, Lighter You! Australia
Stuck in Framework Prison? Join EAWC where I will show you how your company can become a Learning Organization!
Scott Ambler
Vice President and Chief Scientist of Disciplined Agile at PMI, Canada
Reflective practice helps us make the crucial connections between our thinking and our actions. I will show you at EAWC how to engage a process of continuous learning in your company !
Fien D'Haeger, New Zealand
Senior Organizational Psychologist, New Zealand
A VUCA world needs agile people who control agile technology, systems and structures. Developing agile people starts with optimizing their brains. Join me at EAWC to learn a framework for developing neuro agile people.
André Vermeulen
Neuroscientist / CEO of Neuro-Link, South Africa
Why do people seem to resist change? Is it resistance, habit or lack seeing the big picture? Meet me at EAWC and I will tell you more!
Al Shalloway
Thought Leader & Author, USA
Complex is not complicated. Leading enterprises in era of Complexity. The primary challenge which leaders are facing is to evolve their enterprises. Let me help you at EAWC to achieve it!
Sunil Mundra
Thought Leader, Principal Consultant-Advisory at Thoughtworks, Singapore
Agile organizations have a common denominator: the culture. Learn during EAWC to hack and create key elements
Dr. Stefanie Puckett
Organizational Psychologist and Author, Germany
Are you struggling to transforming your organization from a single project methodology into Enterprise with context-based project methodology? Join me at the EAWC!
Andrew Soswa
Strategic Enterprise Manager with 18+ years’ experience, USA
I will help you create enabling interventions to overcome resistance and apathy to change in individuals & organizations. Find me at EAWC !
Dr. Soumiya Tewari
Organizational Psychologist, India
Join me on EAWC to know more of the Agility of SpaceX and innovation problem-solving applied to novel problems.
Frederik M. Fowler
Agile and Scrum Leader and Author, USA
The most important skill Agile Leaders need is Psychological Flexibility. Here at EAWC will show you how it can be trained
Laurent Alt
Expert in Agile@Scale and Behavioral Science at BCG, France
Let me show you how to accelerate transformation through evolution and the gateways that will help you accelerate change throughout your organization.
Chema García
Head of Agile Transformation at Santander Bank, Spain
I have learned a lot in the last 6 years of teaching executives from around the world about U-Theory from Otto Scharmer. Join me at EAWC to learn more about the secrets of the U-Leadership Framework!
Ana Laura Juvino Ph. D.
Thought Leader, Coach, Mentor, Spain

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Know the Basics

Understand Enterprise Agility

Enterprise Agility requires skills and knowledge that go beyond classic agility (manifesto 2001) or Business Agility. From our perspective, Business Agility are the practices or ideas of classic agility that can be extended beyond software teams.

Enterprise Agility requires a different approach. Here, insights from different fields of knowledge such as neuroscience are required to understand what happens in the brain when people faces exponential change. It also requires understanding new social theories that enable people to connect and adapt differently.

New leadership approaches are also needed, such as the M Leadership Framework, to enable people to lead when facing highly changing situations.
At the same time, it is crucial to find new ways to structure companies so that individuals can feel safe and continue to develop their strengths.


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Higher levels of Enterprise Agility require leading teams with great diversity. Diversity in terms of gender, mentality and lifestyle (among others). On the day of the event, we will announce the results of the Agile Diversity Index 2021 and provide you with a copy of the report.
Agile Diversity Index is the largest gender diversity study ever conducted in companies with an agile mindset.
We gathered feedback from over 1200 agile companies around the world. We explored their diversity, challenges, barriers, and beliefs. We cover different countries around the world and will make the data available to global leaders.
The study was carried between March and July 2021. It has been conducted by Professor ,Sociologist and Researcher Iskra Marin and sponsored by the Enterprise Agility University.

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