The Keys for Enterprise Agility to Respond to Exponential Change



Learn about Enterprise Agility and why it is different than Agility


The new models based on science and be ready to apply them


With other people to develop new ideas and come up with new solutions

Be ready for this...

During this event you will have the possibility to learn about the new theories and ways of thinking about enterprise agility, which are far from the classic agility. VUCA world, Digitalization and Transformation are buzzwords in today’s organizations. Agile frameworks are starting to move out from IT and the companies needs to have the right tools to embrace exponencial change.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn new techniques that you will be able to employ from the day after the event, and will allow you to expand your ideas and create a more flexible organization. 

Join us to know about methodologies and tools that will help organization to move to Enterprise Agility

JUNE 10th Thursday