Free Training for Asian-Pacific, USA, and Latin America​

 What a day! Over 110 participants—and 420 registered!—from 5 different continents attended this new free training and are ready to impact change. I’m sure it’ll last and create a better reality for organizations worldwide.


We’re now going to do a second training for the Asia-Pacific countries, USA and Latin America. It will be the last one! So if you’re there, you can come, and if you’re not, you can come too but it depends on whether the times work for you

We will limit this training to 100 people.

The training is free, live virtual, and will show you the difference between teams, value streams, and Collective Capabilities, and how to implement Enterprise Agility Collective Capabilities in your organization.

You’ll also get the tools to build always-ready, always-responsive, and always-innovative organizations! REGISTER HERE

Become an Enterprise Agility Certified Change Consultant!​

I wanted to know if you’re ready to dive into the fascinating world of enterprise agility!

If so, we are offering a Certified Change Consultant course from Enterprise Agility University at a special rate.


Next course dates:

January 17-19, January 24-26. January 31. All sessions begin at 10am EST.

Trainer: Erich R. Büher

Enrollments close in 1 week so hurry up!




Not a good time for you, Join Irena Pavlovska with the training during the weekends:

Next course dates (Saturdays and Sundays):

14th and 15th, 21st and 22nd, 28th January

Enrollments close in 10 days so hurry up



Be sure to check it out if you’re thinking about adding Enterprise Agility to your toolbox and 


Leading when you feel you have no power!

What do you know about the Enterprise Agility Onion Model? Let’s face the reality of accelerated markets. Companies that have dominated the market for years could lose their privilege, and new players you’ve never heard of could put your company on the spot. In fast-moving markets, everything can change at any time and unexpected situations abound. 

This puts executives in a conflicting position where they’ve to decide whether to innovate or copy. But what happens when they feel they’ve lost power and cannot mobilize customers toward their products?


The ONION MODEL is a great fit, it is based on the neuroscience of change and behavioral psychology, and enables leaders to influence environments where they feel they no longer have power or have lost it. It’s ideally suited for organizations facing exponential change and is a critical component of Enterprise Agility.


Learn more about the onion model with Joe Alvarado, and Greg Pitcher. Video with translation in French Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish, and Chinese.




I hope you find it helpful and let me know your comments if something is not as you expected!

Erich R. Bühler

[email protected]