Congratulations! You've been accepted into the Enterprise Agility World Community Ambassador Program

I’m pleased to inform you that your application for the Enterprise Agility World Community Ambassador Program has been accepted! We’re excited to have you join us on a 6-month journey to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become an Enterprise Agility World Community Ambassador.

You’ll begin your journey as an EA World Community Representative and work towards becoming a EA World Community Ambassador.
In the coming months, you’ll work with others to open an EA World Community Hub in your country and become a leader in the Enterprise Agility community. This is an exceptional opportunity to grow your skills, expand your network, and make a difference in your local community.

Before we can begin this exciting journey, you need to complete a few initial steps. Please fill out the following information within the next 48 hours to confirm your participation in the program:

  1. Mark on the map where you are located, indicating your First Name, and City. Please locate the post-it above the right country.
  2. Fill this form

Once you have completed the form, we’ll invite you to an introductory meeting in three weeks to discuss the next steps of the free program and provide you with more information. At this meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to other participants and learn more about the program.

We believe you have the potential to be a successful World Community Ambassador and look forward to welcoming you to our community. We thank you for your commitment to Enterprise Agility and look forward to working with you to make a difference in your community!

Best regards,
Erich R. Bühler
EA World Community