We have a great day today on our first day of the neurodiversity conference. Click below to see the recordings with subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and more!
#4 Goals and activities at Accenture to embrace neurodiversity, Dr. Marco Giannecchini, Neuroscientist (coming soon!!!)

We continue at 8:00 am (Tuesday) California (PT) time with DAY 2!



#1 Welcome by Erich R. Bühler (8:00am)
#2 Why should I care about neurodiversity and why it matters?, Dr. J.J. Kennedy (8:30am)
#3 Psychological Safety and the role of the Neuroplasticity, Kerrie (Souster) Alanen – Randy Swaim (8:30am)
#4 Creating Trivalue companies to have continuous innovation and readiness, Sylvia de Hohberg – Walter Shraiber – Dr .Marwane el Kharbili (9:30am)
#5 Practical Tips About Neurodiversity for Agile Teams, Gervais Johnson – Thought Leader (10:30am)
We look forward to seeing you there!!!
Hope to see you today (Tuesday) at 8:00am California time. Remember that the start time depends on your country, but I recommend you come 10 minutes early to test the platform.
Erich R. Bühler
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