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EAU Scientific Newsletter #1

The impact of brain micronutrients on people flexibility and Enterprise Agility

Each month we travel around the world to find exceptional people who’re developing new theories or frameworks to advance the world of organizations.

We know that there are many individuals, unknown to many, who’re making organizational breakthroughs, and we want to recognize them on an international level so that we can all learn from them.

That’s why this month we want to award our Organizational World Talent to Dr. Delia McCabe, a neuroscientist from Australia who specializes in resilience, nutrition, and how they relate to creating more flexible and Agile organizations.

In this issue, we invite you to watch the one-hour video where you’ll learn more about her research on the brain, nutrients, and the impact on organizational agility so you’ve new tools for your everyday life in the company.

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Subtitles in Spanish

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