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Scientific Newsletter #13

Moving From Business Agility to Enterprise Agility

Again this week, I thank you for being here!

I bet your library and mine have a lot in common. You probably have dozens of books on Scrum, Agile, Lean, software development, business agility, team management, and the like. Hopefully, you also read Leading Exponential Change! I guess you probably have few that deal with the human factors of leading change in an organization facing exponential markets, and you probably have few that deal with accelerating the adoption of new habits and practices.

Achieving new habits and practices requires a variety of skills and a fundamental understanding of organizational patterns, software, frameworks, neuroscience, organizational psychology, systems thinking, economics, leadership, and coaching. You also need to know how to change course without triggering counterproductive emotional states.

It’s easy to find books and other media that tell us what practices we need or where to start. It’s more difficult to find information on how to influence change in an age of exponential acceleration of markets and situations. Effective transformation first requires evolving an organization’s structures, processes, practices, and capabilities. You also need to rethink the distribution of power in the company, as well as the company’s vision and mission. You need to understand how people interact with each other, what motivates them, and most importantly when the time is right for a change.

There are effective ways to deal with new challenges. However, they take time, can cause disruption, and temporarily create a sense of uncertainty in the team. But there can be no real development, nor will you be able to manage exponential growth, unless you embark on the journey of change. And this is where we start talking about Agility, Business Agility and Enterprise Agility.

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From my perspective, practices related to Agile and Business Agility are focused on more traditional linear thinking, which sees an organization as the result of linear growth mainly oriented to the client. And this has certain restrictions.

From my perspective, Business Agility is a subset of the Agility practices that can be extended to the rest of the organization and work outside IT.

The first difficulty we encounter is that they’re based on ideas and models that were created many years ago. Therefore, the new approach to Enterprise Agility differs in the way it looks at the company, in the theories that support sustainable growth and create value, exponentially, and even in how leadership connects to the rest of the enterprise.

If you’re investing in the first two groups, you’d have a huge advantage in moving to the new concepts and theories of enterprise agility as soon as possible. This would give you a sustainable competitive advantage over others and allow you to retain talent and build the next generation of resilient organizations.

If you want to know more about this, write to me and I’ll be happy to show you how to transition to Enterprise Agility.

New Models for Innovation!

This month we’ve awarded Dr. Sebastian Vetter with our Organizational World Talent, March 2022. We give this award to people who do extraordinary things to improve the world of organizations.

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Click here to watch the video! (Subtítulos en Español disponibles)

Sebastian lives in Germany and has one of the most comprehensive frameworks when it comes to innovation. We invite you to watch the video where he explains his frameworks, the ideas behind them, and their benefits.

A Great Event Coming Next Week

I want to invite you to a very special event next Tuesday. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your organization, it’s critical to optimize the psychological well-being of each individual. How to do that? By combining powerful mental wellbeing programs with the Scrum framework to inspire and motivate these individuals to live the life they deserve -their optimal life!

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Click here to join us!

Come to learn how the science of language can help overcome the challenge of mental well-being. Learn how to transform negative cycles into powerful, positive narratives that allow you to define, restructure and empower what’s inside you.


Ready to Invest in Building an Exponential Organization?

I’m pleased to announce that we’ll continue our Enterprise Agility Training around the world in April. Join the leading institution providing leaders, managers, and consultants with new opportunities to grow their careers. Talk to one of our trainers now and start moving in a new direction.

Irena Pavlovska, Europe, Certified Change Consultant, April 23rd

Sandip Rananavare, Asia Pacific, Certified Change Consultant, March 26th

Sandip Rananavare, Asia Pacific, Certified EA Leadership (I), March 22nd

Greg Pitcher & PK Savy, Asia Pacific, Certified Change Consultant, March 31st

From Enterprise Agility University, we hope you found our scientific newsletter useful, and we’ll see you next week.

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