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Scientific Newsletter #22

Free training on the Arrow Diversity Model for exponentially changing markets. Video on the information fatigue syndrome​.

Again this week, I thank you for being here! Imagine if I told you that you could multiply or triple business value and innovation delivered in a few months, or even retain more talent… would you keep reading this newsletter? 

Well, that’s exactly what we plan to do here. We will cover how the new Arrow Diversity Model is enabling significant and consistently measurable improvements with novel concepts.
The Arrow Diversity Model isn’t only the first framework that connects neurodiversity to exponentially changing markets, but also innovative concepts that allow you to understand how to better leverage your human capital and capabilities. 

We’ve launched a website for the Arrow Diversity Model where you can get free training, and choose between 5 different languages! This isn’t only a help for change agents to gain new skills and capabilities, but also a bet to improve the organization worldwide.

This newsletter also kicks off the beginning of something new! It fulfills a dream we have had for a long time at the Enterprise Agility University. Starting today, we’re offering our newsletter in 18 different languages. We want to be closer to the community of change practitioners around the world by speaking their own words.

If you speak a language other than English, you can click at the top of the newsletter and select your language.

A few weeks ago, we published an article by neuroscientist Dr. Delia McCabe about the information-fatigue syndrome.

Now we’re taking it a step further with this 15-minute video that will introduce you to the concepts of information fatigue syndrome again and give you new strategies and ideas for dealing with these types of situations. The video is also available with subtitles in 5 languages, so you can get the best out of the science applied to organizational change.

Arrow Diversity Model Foundations and Free Training

When companies face exponentially changing markets, they develop different dynamics than organizations facing linear, more predictable and “calm” situations.
Businesses facing constant change must find new ways to prioritize what is important

This includes what to do immediately after an abrupt market change in products and services, considering the importance of employee well-being when things change, what structures are best suited to lead this new situation, etc.
When there’s a market disruption (a completely unexpected situation that impacts the organization), leaders tend to prioritize things related to products or services from an economic and strategic perspective and set aside strategies that focus on equity, diversity, or neurodiversity.
There are several reasons why this happens. One is that in many cases these three pillars require an altruistic approach, and when there’s pressure, altruistic approaches lose value. For this reason, other things are placed first.

Until now, it’s been difficult to link the benefits and economic impact of equality, diversity, and neurodiversity to business performance, and financial aspects of the company’s present and future. 

The dynamics of organizations that are subject to the high variability and constant disruption require a different approach that goes beyond Agile, Scrum, and Business Agility.

Today, we know the role that equity plays in psychological ownership (people taking charge of their duties) and the impact that greater diversity has on business readiness. We also know how different employee profiles and this neurological diversity can increase or decrease business opportunities when exposed to exponential change.  

This means that we need to take this new approach into account when creating structures and processes or determining where employees should be assigned within the company.
We must assume that there are important neurological differences that determine the key capabilities of individuals in organizations that are exposed to exponential market changes.
For example, if you put a non-prepared hyperactive person in a department that’s exposed to large fluctuations, it’ll be harder for them to learn or perform their tasks. So we know that these 3 pillars have an impact on the:

1. Understanding of how neurodiversity directly impacts the collective capabilities of the organization 

2. How equity can impact decision-making and readiness.

3. The ways that individuals can always be responsive but sustainable in the long term.

4. The impact of diversity on the ability of teams to always be ready.

5. How the strategic positioning of individuals within the organization can also affect innovation.

6. Economic aspects that neurodiversity, equality and diversity in the company.

The Arrow Diversity Model is the first framework to link the impact of equity, diversity, and neurodiversity to clear organizational metrics and outcomes that help leaders set clear priorities and get more appropriate behaviors. It also allows to quantify and link them to key performance indicators and better levels of Enterprise Agility.

I invite you to attend our free Arrow Diversity Model training for organizations facing constant change and high uncertainty by clicking below.

There, you will learn more about how you can work with leaders and the rest of the organization to develop new comprehensive strategies and capabilities for changing markets.


Free Training on the Information fatigue syndrome

Is Information Fatigue Syndrome undermining your cognitive capacity and your organization’s effectiveness? How can it affect business value or innovation?

Yes, we do live in a knowledge economy, so information is our commodity, but does too much information impact our capacity to use our brains effectively? And can it be undermining our organizational success?

Take this 15-minute training by neuroscientist Dr. Delia McCabe and Enterprise Agility University, and understand what it is and get new strategies to deal with the information fatigue syndrome.

News from the Enterprise Agility World Conference 2022

You can already apply to speak at the Enterprise Agility World Conference 2022. The world’s largest event on science, organizational change and enterprise agility.

But if you don’t have much to share this year, you can also become a conference ambassador!

This year we plan to provide simultaneous translation in over 30 languages for this non-profit event. Our vision is that the new science, practices and mindset beyond Agile, Scrum and Business Agility can be understood by all change practitioners around the world.
The #EAWC2022 will take place over two days, November 5-6, 2022, so reserve those dates for an incredible learning experience. In return, at the event you’ll receive various books, information, and research papers that the speakers have prepared especially for you.

Know more here: or become and ambassador here

Training on Enterprise Agility and Leadership coming this month

We’ll continue our Enterprise Agility Foundations Training around the world in June. Join the leading institution providing leaders, managers, and change consultants with new opportunities to grow their careers towards Enterprise Agility and new ways to lead companies. Talk to one of our Certified Partners now and start moving in a new direction.

From Enterprise Agility University, we hope you found our scientific newsletter useful, and we’ll see you next week.

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