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Scientific Newsletter #24

Self-compassion and the power of wellbeing & Empowering PMI Disciplined Agile with the EAU Models

Again this week, I thank you for being here!
When organizations face constant change, employee wellbeing is critical. If it’s not maintained or nurtured, organizations become places where no one wants to work, where business value and creativity decline, and where people consciously and unconsciously think about what’ll happen next. This is why it’s so important to create organizations where the values, structures, and mechanisms are in place to ensure that business ecosystems are healthy.

Today we’ve two excellent articles. The first is by Elliot Barnett, who talks about how organizations all over the world are facing unprecedented challenges and the impact of self-compassion as one of the most powerful concepts. The second is a video by Walter Shraiber explaining how to strengthen PMI Disciplined Agile with the Enterprise Agility University models.

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How self-compassion empowers wellbeing

By Elliot Barnett

Organizations everywhere are facing unprecedented challenges in positively impacting the mental wellness of their employees and members. Part of meeting this challenge is empowering each individual with tools they can turn to when the inevitable stresses of life impact their mental wellbeing, their joy, their contentment, and yes, their performance. The concept of self-compassion is one of the most powerful tools to have at hand.

So, let’s talk about compassion. Compassion and empathy are sometimes confused. But empathy is identifying someone else’s feelings or emotional states. Compassion is taking action on empathetic understanding. It’s taking active participation in improving the wellbeing of another person. It is easy to think of being compassionate towards other people, especially those we care about. If our best friend comes to us upset, we do everything in our power to help them through it. We don’t condemn them or ridicule them. We excuse indiscretions. We accept their limitations. We identify with their problems. But why can’t or don’t we do this for ourselves?

It might feel artificial or too “RA RA” for us, but we can be downright cruel to ourselves. We push ourselves around. We bully ourselves. We are our harshest critics, but what we do for others, we do for a reason. We understand that showing positive reinforcement to someone else will encourage them to do better. We understand that being harsh, mean, and bullying someone will not motivate them to make true change. They might momentarily change out of fear or a sense of feeling bad about what they’ve done, but we understand that if we want to see true change, we have to show compassion and identify with that person’s challenge. We encourage them.

But that understanding seems to be lost for how to motivate ourselves and how to move along our journey towards living an Optimal Life. I have seen this over and over in the workshops I do for organizations as part of Mental Fitness Training. Someone will feel stuck and talk about procrastinating. They talk about failing. They talk about getting frustrated, angry, and upset and that ends up being directed at themselves. 

They start to ridicule themselves, thinking that will somehow move them in the direction that they need to go. But I guide them to realizing the same concept that applies to other people applies to them. Of course, we intuitively know this because we are on the receiving end of others both showing compassion towards us and not showing compassion towards us. We know what works and what doesn’t. So, I would encourage you to allow yourself to be compassionate towards yourself. Express self-compassion. Understand that momentary failures are just part of the process towards success and living an Optimal Life. 

When I work with organizations to institute a mental wellness program through My Core Insights, I start with the concept of the challenges around making true and lasting changes in one’s life. I encourage each person in the organization to empower themselves through those challenges using self-compassion as one of the key tools to turn to.

When it comes to personally evolving to living a better life, we aren’t talking about a linear journey, one successful step after another. It might be two steps forward, one step sideways. It is natural to feel momentary frustrations when things aren’t going as you want, but that’s why self-compassion is so crucial because it is only through that understanding that you can sidestep your way back on the path to your Optimal Life!

Empowering PMI Disciplined Agile with the EAU Models

By Walter Shraiber

Disciplined Agile has been a breakthrough for many like us.

In this video, Walter Shraiber wants to share with you his experiences and findings on how to empower Disciplined Agile with the EAU models. We hope you find it useful in your daily work!

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From Enterprise Agility University, we hope you found our scientific newsletter useful, and we’ll see you next week.

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