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Newsletter # 53

NeuroXprofiles: Coping With Accelerated Change in Extreme Environments

When confronting accelerated change, most frameworks and change-influencing approaches focus primarily on reducing resistance to change and promoting adaptation. However, these strategies often overlook the critical role of the brain in dealing with uncertainty and complexity. People perceive, process, and respond to change differently. This is due to neurodiversity—the natural variation in the structure and function of the human brain.

Neurodiversity (definition, Enterprise Agility University)

“Diversity of human minds and the way people think, focus, learn, process and link information, as well as their distinctive way of connecting with the world.”

(We recognize that each person is unique and that these differences offer distinct and valuable neuro capabilities or superpowers for the development of society and the business world)

A NeuroXprofiles is a valuable tool and provides information about individual neurological abilities or “superpowers” for coping with accelerated change. They recognize that people perceive and respond to change uniquely because of their neurocapabilities. Some people thrive in highly fluctuating, ambiguous environments, while others prefer more stable, predictable contexts. When organizations understand these differences, they can harness the neurological capabilities of their employees and increase business value, innovation, and workforce wellbeing.

For example, some individuals prefer to return to familiar structures as quickly as possible. Others, however, who have a low need for closure, are comfortable with uncertainty and open-ended situations. They seek variety and new experiences and are happy to adapt to change. Also, some other individuals are better at recognizing and linking patterns from the market, making them great for sensing emerging opportunities.

Knowing more about NeuroXprofiles and neurodiversity can help you optimize opportunity discovery and innovation during change. Individuals who excel at cognitive flexibility (Mental Agility), abstract thinking, pattern recognition, risk-taking, or future orientation complement those who are adept at execution, optimization, or risk mitigation. However, without an understanding of neurodiverse personality structure, these differences often lead to conflict rather than unlocking potential.

In my opinion, leaders who recognize neurodiversity and understand their role in the organization can put people in roles that leverage their “superpowers” to deal with change.

Monica Acosta and Paola Guerra do great work at presenting this valuable tool for understanding neurodiversity and employee capabilities during accelerated change. This is a must-watch video for change consultants, talent expert, and leaders trying to take their first steps towards Enterprise Agility and the Enterprise Agility Way of Thinking (EAWT).


An exceptional video that will take your career to an unprecedented level.

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