Mature Organizations Need Mature People​

How can you really implement Agile, Teal, Holacracy or any other new framework?

For such a mature organization you need mature people. People who’re able to lead themselves, who’re able to fulfill their role without a line manager telling them what to do. The point is that our education system rarely prepares people to do that. It prepares them to execute and try to become a manager to give orders to others – it’s come full circle…

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Episode 6: Cognitive-behavioral science for leaders and change practitioners

For a long time, change agents have talked about the need to change mindsets first if an organization wants to evolve. But we all know that it is difficult to alter the way people think or their beliefs.
That’s why new tools based on cognitive science are being developed that start with changing behaviors, not mindsets.
There are many studies that show us that changing behaviors have important effects on the brain. Change the behaviors and you will change the mindset, rather than starting the other way around.

In this episode, our special guest Laurent Alt, Associate Director of BCG France, shares his experience with behavioral science and talks about new ways and approaches for leaders to manage change. He also provides some recommendations for change practitioners who are struggling to maintain momentum.

We also have Marwane El-Kharbili (Ph.d.) and Simon Reindl as co-hosts. Marwane is a change consultant in Germany and an expert in strategy and leadership, agile design, and resilience. Simon Reindl is a certified Scrum trainer and change consultant in the UK. Both are Certified Training Partners at the Enterprise Agility University.

Another must-listen episode!

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