Part ONE

Certified Enterprise Agility Leadership for Teams
  • Rename rooms to participants’ names (Pairs)
    Create a room called Helping Room and use it during the breaks to help participants
  • Associate the Library.xsls file to the Library room in Welo
  • Recommend students a few days before the course to have a printed copy of the EA Leadership Canvas for Teams
  • Please note that you must arrange 45 minutes for the exam, a few days after the course
  • Create a shared board with the EA Leadership Canvas for Teams. This board will be used for students to post their questions during the course. You can find in the trainer’s folder day 1, the canvasto put on the board.


  • A few days before the course, instruct students to do their neuroXprofile and send it to you by email. After doing the profile, students should watch this video.
  • Exercise 1: Students will have 1 minute to think about what their superpower is when they influence or lead people based on their neuroXprofile done previously. They will after have 30 seconds to present their superpower. When they reach the time, they must say the name of the following person to talk.
    The trainer should show their neuroXprofile.
  • Exercise 2: In exercise 2, the participants try to guess how the rest of the apartment is. This is to show that sometimes it’s not possible to know what comes next even if you have part of the information or pattern.
  • Exercise 3: Participants should write down 3 to 5 personal values that are not negotiable for them as a leader. They will need their personal copy of the Team Leadership Canvas.
    Each student will work on their own for 4 minutes. 
  • Exercise 4: Watch a video and play the game with their pair. Participants will need to have their values written down from the previous exercise. Watch the video with instructions here. The 15 minutes for this exercise start counting from the time the participant returns to his room to watch the video.

Teaching Points
  • 1st block introduces the course and their participants

  • 2nd block talks about exponential change and its impact on people

  • 3rd block focuses on Leading Myself and how to personally deal with exponential change and high uncertainty.

The total time for the 3 blocks is 1 hour and 30 minutes (90 minutes).

Before the Break
  • Remind students to think of some questions and after the break they will neeed to write them on the Team Leadership Canvas.

Click on the folders to access the Trainer and Students Materials

Remember that students already have a copy of the materials within the Student Place.

Student Files

Remember that students already have a copy of the Student materials within the Student Place.

EnterpriseAgilityLeadershipCanvas for Teams (DOCX and PDF)
Canvas to be used during the course (PDF and editable version)

Exercise 1.4 – Video Link.txt
Link to the video for the exercise 1.4

Lightweight M-Leadership Framework.png
Copy of the framework.

NeuroXprofile Video Link.txt
Link to the video which explains what a neuroXprofile is. It is the same to be used previous to the course.

Research (folder)
Research supporting our theories or practices.

Student Book

Trainer Slides

Click here to access to the trainer’s slides

Video Day 1 - Leadership for Teams (Canvas)
Video Day 1 - Leadership for Teams