Part TWO

Certified Enterprise Agility Leadership for Teams
  • Make sure the students come up with some questions about Chapter 1, and you use the Leadership Canvas for teams to answet them.
  • Exercise 1: Answer the questions using the Team Leadership Canvas.
  • Exercise 2:What person’s characteristics from a team would be the hardest for me to cope with? For example, the person doesn’t look me in the eyes when I speak, talks very softly, always seems very nervous, etc. 5 minutes
  • Exercise 3: This exercise is about neurodiversity and neuroXprofiles.
    1. There is a team which needs to be _______
    2. Think of 2 neuroXprofiles needed using the 6 areas
    3. Write the desired neuroXprofiles, superpowers and training to achieve it
  • Exercise 4: Share a situation in the company that was difficult for you
  • Exercise 5: Choose one of the videos and answer:
    1. Where is the person in the Change Journey Pyramid?
    2.Following the Change Journey Pyramid recommendations, how would you behave or talk to the person, and what would you emphasize?
Teaching Points
  • 1st block focuses on the neuroXprofiles, neurodiversity, and neuroexponential bands

  • 2nd block teaches the Change Journe Pyramid
Before the Break
  • Remind students to think of some questions and after the break they will neeed to write them on the Team Leadership Canvas.

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Student Files

Remember that students already have a copy of the Student materials within the Student Place.

Change Journey Pyramid.pdf 
Explains what the Change Journey Pyramid is, and how to use it.

Change Journey Pyramid.png
Graphic of the Change Journey Pyramid ready to be used.

Exercise 2 – Mike Video Link.txt
Link to the video for exercise 2. 

Exercise 2 – Pran Video Link.txt
Link to the video for exercise 2. 

Student Book

Trainer Slides

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Video Day 2