Part TWO

Certified Enterprise Agility Leadership for Teams
  • Make sure the students come up with some questions about the topic taught, as they would have to place it on the shared canvas.
  • Exercise 1: Answer the questions using the Simple Leadership Canvas.
  • Exercise 2: The participant should watch 3 videos and answer after
  • 1. What happens in each situation
    2.Which of the situations do you think you could manage better and why?

  • Exercise 3: The student should choose one of the videos and answer:

    1. Where is the person in the Pyramid?

    2. Following the change pyramid recommendations, how would you behave or talk to the person, and what would you emphasize?

Teaching Points
  • 1st block focuses on how to lead others using the CHange Journey Pyramid

Before the Break
  • Remind students to think of some questions and after the break they will neeed to write them on the Simple Leadership Canvas.

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Student Files

Remember that students already have a copy of the Student materials within the Student Place.

Explains what the Change Journey Pyramid is, and how to use it.

Student Book

Trainer Slides

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Video Day 2