Certified Enterprise Agility Leadership for Teams
  • Make sure the students come up with some questions about the topic taught, as they would have to place it on the shared canvas.
  • Exercise 1: Answer the questions using the Team  Leadership Canvas.
  • Exercise 2: Participants should watch a video about the Malo’s company and discuss what happened to them.
  • Exercise 3: Each team will sense one signals and help Laura and Pran to be better prepared for the future. Students should indicate the activities or events to also sense opportunities and risks. They can use the template or you can prepare a board.
Teaching Points
  • 1st block focuses on teaching the basics of sensing 

  • 2nd block is the practical part where they have to sense one signal

Before the Break
  • Remind students to think of some questions and after the break they will need to write them on the Team Leadership Canvas.

Click on the folders to access the Trainer and Students Materials

Remember that students already have a copy of the materials within the Student Place.

Student Files

Remember that students already have a copy of the Student materials within the Student Place.

Exercise 3.2 – Sensing Signals Video Link.txt
Link to the videofor exercise 3.2

Explains what signals are and how to sense them.

Five Sensing Matrix to use in the company,

Student Book

Trainer Slides

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Video Day 3