Certified Enterprise Agility Leadership for Teams
  • Make sure the students come up with some questions about the topic taught, as they would have to place it on the shared canvas.
  • Exercise 1: Answer the questions using the Simple Leadership Canvas.
  • Exercise 2: The participant should answer 3 questions. If they find herself in a situation where she doesn’t have the power to achieve an outcome:

    1. What would you do differently or who would you ask for help?

    2. Why would you do it that way?

    3. What things would give you an indication of whether it could work?

  • Exercise 3: Collectively, try to explain the hacking onion as if they had to explain it to their grandmother.
  • Exercise 4: Hacking game PART 1. Write down one situation where they feel unempowered in the company or they don’t know how to solve it.
  • Exercise 5: Hacking game PART II. During this exercise, the student try to find a solution with the card’s game to situations where he/she feels disempowered.
  • Exercise 6: Participants choose between simplifying the equipment or making it exponential. They must then choose one of the 3 outcomes they want to improve.
  • Exercise 7: Last opportunity to answer questions with the Team Leadership Canvas.
Teaching Points
  • 1st block focuses on challenge or hack the power. Make sure the student understands the differences

  • 2nd block covers simplifying the company and make it exponential

Final steps
  • Remind students about the exam and confirm the date. 25 questions, 45 minutes. They can try the mock exam here.

Click on the folders to access the Trainer and Students Materials

Remember that students already have a copy of the materials within the Student Place.

Student Files

Remember that students already have a copy of the Student materials within the Student Place.

Challenge or Hack the Power.xlsx
Template containing the hacking matrix, ready to be used in the company.

Exercise 4.5 – Cards Game Link.txt
Link to the hacking game.

Five types of Agility.png
Cake containing the 5 types of agility and an explanatiomn of each of them.

Hacking Onion.pdf
Explanation of the Hacking Onion.

Student Book

Trainer Slides

Click here to access to the trainer’s slides

Video Day 4