Leadership 5.0: An Agile Mindset for a Digital Future

By: Fernando Salvetti, Barbara Bertagni

This article is about a program aimed at fostering an agile mindset in young corporate leaders (under 40 years old) working in the energy sector, who are expected to be effective leaders in an ever more digitalized world; the program has been co-designed with ENI Corporate University (Milan and Rome, Italy) on behalf of the World Economic Forum (Davos and Geneva, Switzerland). 

Digital transformation is not only about technology. It is also mainly enabled by leadership that is grounded in 3 pillars: teamwork, start-up culture, and matrix management. 

Hot topics and key activities include: a business game for launching a new cryptocurrency; scenario analysis and immersive simulation within a mixed reality environment (e-REAL); online keynotes by seasoned faculty from Harvard, MIT and Stanford with moderated Q&A sessions to facilitate an interactive dialogue; a collaborative platform to enhance online learning and bridge between modules.