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Remembering what we say and evolving it is part of walking together. You can look up who said what and when they said it, actions, faces, and more!. Harness the power of artificial intelligence combined with the power of the Enterprise Agility World Community and its people!


Who said what, or what did they do?

Use the following commands to search for words, expressions, actions, faces, or people within videos. It will be available for all Enterprise Agility World Conference videos!

n:keyword searches for titles (names) of videos
d:keyword searches for descriptions of videos
s:keyword searches for words that are said
f:keyword searches for people whose face is visible
t:keyword searches for text that is visible in the video
o:keyword searches for objects that are visible 
a:keyword searches for actions that are performed
z:keyword searches for sounds that can be heard 

The Power of People

For example, if you want to search for who said the word profile, you must type s:profile  or if you want Enterprise, try s:Enterprise 
You have many options that can empower your path to knowledge, enjoy!