Become an Ambassador

Ambassadors are an essential part of our conference. They provide information to communities around the world, help build strategic partnerships with other groups in the country, and help spread to the world new knowledge about Enterprise Agility and the science behind it. 

If you want to be an ambassador, you’ll need to set aside around 45 minutes per week for conference assignments. These will be simple, and from time to time you’ll need to meet with other Ambassadors.

All of our ambassadors will be promoted in their countries, will be able to meet and network with other change professionals from other countries, and will receive a free ticket to the conference.

Before applying to become an ambassador, please read the following working agreements:

  1. We’ll give you a small task each week that will take between 5 and 50 minutes.
  2. From time to time you’ll have to meet with other ambassadors.
  3. Ambassadors who complete all of these small tasks on time in the weeks leading up to the conference will receive a free ticket to the conference.
  4. There can be more than one ambassador per country or city, and we’ll ask you to work with that person.
  5. Ambassadorship is voluntary and you should refrain from  advertising your services in messages related to the conference.

Selections will be made in the coming weeks, and applying isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be an ambassador. If you aren’t selected, you can assume that someone else applied before you and it’s not due to skills or your experience. Remember, these 5 pont of commitment we ask in return to promote you in your country, your free ticket, and the possibility to meet other prestigious change consultants around the world!

Applying to be an ambassador means that you understand our working agreements.