Webinar with Irena Pavlovska

with Two special Guests: Toby V Rao and Greg Pitcher


Learn about Enterprise Agility and why it is different than Agility


The new models based on science and be ready to apply them


With other people to develop new ideas and come up with new solutions

Be ready for this...

The disruption of markets is here more than ever ! 

Having in mind, companies at the end of the last century had enough time to adapt to market needs, by running experiments and having enough time to test the market. 

Nowadays all this is happening Exponentially. 

What does Exponential mean? 

How do current companies face exponential markets? 

How to prepare people inside companies for constant changes in processes to adapt to change? 

How to use the neuroscience of change? 

All this and some more you will be able to learn in our new Online Webinar, with AgileBalkans, coming on the 8th of June, 2021, 6.30 PM CET time. 

Host: Irena P.Krivosheeva, Founder, Agilebalkans, EAU official training partner

Guest speakers: Greg Pitcher, (N.Zealand): Agility Coach, Trainer, Change enabling extraordinaire 

Toby V. Rao, (United States): Enterprise Agile Coach, Transformation and Change Management Consultant

JUNE 8th Tuesday 6:30PM CET