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How is your weekend so far? As a leader navigating the challenges of accelerated change and exponential markets, cultivating resilience is crucial for maintaining both personal and professional wellbeing. Doing so will enhance your leadership abilities, inspire your team, and promote more informed decision-making. Here’s how to maximize your weekends to bolster resilience (watch the infographics here):

-> Prioritize self-care and personal growth: Weekends are an ideal time for recharging and investing in yourself. Dedicate time to activities that nourish your body, mind, and soul—whether it’s a leisurely walk in nature, delving into a good book, or trying a new hobby. By nurturing your wellbeing, you’ll cultivate the resilience required to navigate the complex challenges that come your way.

-> Embrace the power of reflection: Set aside some quiet time at the weekend to look back on your week. Think about the challenges you faced, the successes you achieved, and the lessons you learned. By acknowledging these experiences, and your feelings, and allowing yourself to grow from them, you can better prepare for the week ahead.

-> Nurture your connections: Use your weekend to strengthen relationships with family and friends. Engage in meaningful conversations, share your experiences, and listen to their stories. These connections can provide you with the emotional support and encouragement you need to face the week ahead with resilience.

Download the infographics here (or here in Spanish)

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I hope the Prioritize, Embrace, and Nurture model encourages you to think throughout the week about ways to improve your preparation for the upcoming weekend. Stay focused and make the most of your time!

Erich R. Bühler

CEO, Enterprise Agility University

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