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We will try to support you with free community courses, insights, and more. We are committed to providing value to you, your business, and your career. Please, check our video knowledge on the LINK MENU to access dozens of recordings for leaders and change practitioners.When you agree to become part of the community, it also means that you will adhere to the following values:We teach to empower and learnEvery time we teach we also learn to be a better version of ourselves. We deliberately shift the focus away from ourselves and focus on empowering people with knowledge. Power does not derive from having a lot of knowledge, but from being able to spread it.We breathe and practice humilityHumility is one of the most powerful and important attributes of growth. Being humble helps build confidence and facilitates learning from others and oneself. These are key aspects of leadership and personal development. So we pay special attention to supporting the community with humility.We innovate with empiricismWe always go the extra mile to know and provide people with the science that supports what we teach. Maybe it’s the neuroscience of change, maybe it’s psychology, but there is always scientific support for our ideas. Understanding why things happen is a good step towards evolving and expanding ideas.We are diversityWe support the community by considering, at every step, specific actions to empower ideas. Diversity of thought is crucial for feedback, broadening the ideas of others and evolving society.Advertising for services is not allowed unless it comes from a company that sponsors the Enterprise Agility World community. If you would like to be one of these companies, please get in touch with [email protected]We are clear, we are the Enterprise Agility World Community!Thank you and welcome!Erich R. Bühler