Expand Your Markets Exponentially

We must assume that agile models or frameworks like Scrum or others are 20+ years old and not designed for a world of exponential change.

Enterprise Agility University works in the field of organizational change, science, and enterprise agility. With over 40 models, frameworks, and practices, we’re redefining with our Certified Partners the world of organizations to accelerate sustainable change in enterprises. 

Our new concepts enable organizations to work in a highly changeable and uncertain environment. They’re based on neuroscience, organizational psychology, and the latest scientific research.

Whether it is the EAU Enterprise Agility model, M-Leadership M freamework, or our 40+ ideas and practices, the EAU Certified Training Partners take organizations and consultants beyond Agile and Scrum.

Our Certified Partners also expand their markets by offering innovations in the field of organizational change and leadership to build successful companies in times of disruption.

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